Former Bears WR Johnny Knox Retires (Seahawks Related)

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  • I remember watching Johnny Knox make a few big plays a few years ago.

    Apparently, after playing the Seahawks in 2011 he took a career ending hit from Anthony Hargrove (no longer a part of the team). You never want to see anyone have their careers shortened - but a part of me couldn't help but think about the identity that's being formed of the Seahawks all around the league.

    Our physicality, discipline & hard hits are officially turning us into a nightmare for WR's & offenses all across the league.

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  • That's tragic. I remember feeling nauseous after seeing that hit and had a hard time celebrating the change of possession that it resulted in (iirc). That play was clean and within the rules, but still all kinds of ugly. Don't know if I really want to celebrate this the way the OP seems to, but I suppose the result is what it is.

    Still f'ing tragic to see a young man's livelihood taken away from him like this......
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  • Yeah, I was sitting next to my dad, and remember telling him "That very well may be his last NFL play." Or something of that nature... What a grotesque play... One that still brings back shivers- along with the Manningham hit...
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  • Oh God I remember that hit, and the way he folded over was completely unnatural. I was so effing glad he wasn't paralyzed, it looked that awful. I take absolutely no pleasure in that. That wasn't about laying a great hit on a guy, that was just about really awful luck, bad positioning, and a huge dude coming down on you at the time. I had nightmares about my back bending that way afterwards.

    I'm glad the dude's OK. I'm really sorry to hear his career's over. And really sad that it was because of that play. I don't want ending peoples' careers to a part of our identity, even though there was nothing wrong with the hit.
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  • That was a bad one. Grossed me out some when I first seen it, really still does.
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  • That's sad. Always liked the kid. Wish him nothing but the best.

    May the spirit of our friend The Radish live on forever!

    I SO do not care about your fantasy team and who's on it!
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