For me, the most ridiculous offseason campaign, maybe ever.

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  • Adrian Peterson as a 2500 yard back. I know that Peterson is just trying to set high goals: what he really wants is 2106 yards not 2500. If you want to hit a goal you aim over it. I get that.

    That said, I've seen this little campaign all over the place and there are some people that apparently think it could actually happen. I think that's insane. It would be like asking Barry Bonds to hit 100 homers in a season right after he hit 73.

    Again, nothing against AP. I'm just making fun of the people who are actually want this campaign to be taken seriously.
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  • while I agree its not very likely, I wouldnt be shocked at all if he actually came close. If the stars align and Ponder starts playing well, which is not likely but I wouldnt put much past AP.
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  • I remember "Its now time" Got me pumped up for very little.

    AP is the best RB in the NFL, however he will never hit the 2500 mark.

    The play that AP breaks the record he will be shown the bench.
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  • Ehhhh, wouldn't surprise me if he got close, to be honest. AP is one of a kind. If he stays healthy for the entire season, anything is possible, especially just an extra 24 yards per game. He is a legend in the making.
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  • I would be surprised if he got close to 2500. I would even be mildly surprised if he hit 2106. Even for AP, last year was special, and AP has a lot of tread on his tires.

    Last year AP had 6.0 YPC. Think about how stellar Lynch was last year. He had 5.0. MVP Shaun Alexander had 5.1 in 2005. Adrian Peterson's YPC in his previous five seasons? 4.7, 4.6, 4.4, 4.8, 5.6. The 5.6 YPC came from his rookie season where he only had 238 carries. Even for AP, 6.0 is an outlier.

    In 2006, Larry Johnson had 416 carries, which is the modern NFL record as best I can tell. Only twice has a back gone over 400 carries. Peterson had 348 carries last season. If AP managed 6.0 yards per carry AND ran the ball 416 times, he'd end up with 2496 yards rushing. So all he'd need to do is have one of the most efficient rushing seasons ever while breaking the carries record.

    IMO, it's crazy talk. The likelihood of getting 400+ carries alone is close to zero, and a 6.0 average is similarly rare. There's a reason why Dickerson's record (which is well short of 2500) has lasted so long.
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  • Mike Wallace saying he was going to get 2000 receiving yards in '11 and people saying it was feasible is still the most ridiculous off season goal to me.
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  • It's possible. Ponder ends up on IR by week five, the Vikings will elect to direct snap it to AP 50 times a game. He'll get the 2,500 yards. Of course, the next three years combined, he'll be lucky to rack up enough yardage to make it back and forth to the bathroom on time every time.
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  • I'll guess less then 1800 for him this year.
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  • GoldenIsThyTate wrote:while I agree its not very likely, I wouldnt be shocked at all if he actually came close. If the stars align and Ponder starts playing well, which is not likely but I wouldnt put much past AP.

    Wouldn't Ponder have to suck bad for this to actually happen? So confused I am.
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  • Now that Minnesota has moved Harvin, AP will be even more critical to their offense. Ponder doesn't scare my grandmother. AP is not going to get close to 2,500 yards; I'm with Kearly.
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  • I just hope he breaks Dickerson's record. Maybe AP won't hold onto it 30 years down the road and pull a '72 Dolphinish act whenever someone gets close to breaking it.
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  • Looking at the Vikings schedule, they play the NFC East and the AFC North. Outside of the Bengals for the AFC North, I don't see a lot of run stopping going on in those games. Not sure how the Bears D is going to stack up, but the NFC North doesn't strike me as a run stopping division, either.

    So, it's not outside the realm of possibility, but gravitation towards the mean is likely, and AP has got to be worn out after such a ridiculous workload.
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  • 2500 yards would not be good for the team. Historically high rushing leaders do not equal success.

    1Eric DickersonRams2105198410-6Wildcard(L)
    2Adrian PetersonVikings2097201210-6Wildcard(L)
    3Jamal LewisRavens2066200310-6Wildcard(L)
    4Barry SandersLions205319979-7Wildcard(L)
    5Terrell DavisBroncos2008199814-2Superbowl(W)
    6Chris JohnsonTitans200620098-8DNQ
    7O.J. SimpsonBills200319739-5DNQ
    8Earl CampbellOilers1934198011-5Wildcard(L)
    T9Ahman GreenPackers1883200310-6NFC Div(L)
    T9Barry SandersLions188319949-7Wildcard(L)
    11Shaun AlexanderSeahawks1880200513-3Superbowl(L)*

    * The Seahawks did not actually lose this game, and as a fan you should consider this a win. ~GO HAWKS ~STEELERS ARE DUMB
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  • He won't get close IMO. Ponder sucks so bad at stretching defenses and without the threat of Percy, 8 or even 9 in the box will be the reality play after play. Not even a back as great as AP can overcome that regularly. I'm with JSeahawks, less than 1800.
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  • Have you seen the look in his eyes when he runs? He looks possessed. He has his eyes on one thing: the end zone. I wouldn't put anything past AP.

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