Another rookie named Wilson edging out Flynn as starting QB?

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  • Dren wrote:
    JesterHawk wrote:I would legitimately feel bad for the guy if he doesn't get the starting gig in Oakland...then again, I kinda feel bad for him if he DOES get the starting gig in Oakland. I guess I just kinda feel bad for the guy.

    I dunno, he's getting a lot of money just to hold a clipboard.

    There's no job satisfaction in holding a clipboard. I can't imagine he likes being "the backup" wherever he goes, if he's a competitive person at all.
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  • 1) I pull for Flynn only because there is a conditional pick involved (one round better)
    2) Best guy wins the job in the NFL. If Flynn gets beat by a third then fourt rounder then it was all Flynn. They were rookies he had a leg up and could have set his alarm a bit earlier in the mornings....
    3) If Flynn gets pushed to two then he gets cut next season. Only like $2M guaranteed if I remember.
    4) what IF Pryor gets cut. Do we go for him over Quinn? That is a great fit in my mind..,
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