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Johan Cruijff

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Johan Cruijff
Thu Mar 24, 2016 10:48 am
  • One of the best soccer players of all time and the club icon of Ajax Amsterdam and FC Barcelona has passed away today. Known for his werid quotes, extreme knowledge of the game and most of all his legendary skills as a player. RIP #14.
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Re: Johan Cruijff
Thu Mar 24, 2016 11:03 am
  • sigh...

    Cruyff redefined the way soccer is played. Often cited as the inventor of tika taka and the modern 433 system, he transformed game tactics into free flowing combinations of attack and introduced the pressing defensive game to create "Total Football"

    Interestingly, his transformation of the game came as a result of trying to maximize the strengths of his undersized but skilled players at Ajax and Spain. Essentially, he determined the best way to defend without size is to never lose the ball. If you do run as many people at it as possible as quickly as possible. His tactics are mainstays across world football today and are the primary foundations and influences of the greatest managers and players, from Pep and Messi to Rijkaard and Ronaldinho, today and of the last 30 years. It can be said without hyperbole that he is the reason soccer is at its height as the most popular sport in the world.

    He was an innovator in all aspects of the game: one of the most skilled players ion the field, a gifted tactician on the touchline and shrewd organizer in the board room.

    One (if not "the") game's greatest individual

    Great article with some great links to his highlights as a player.

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Re: Johan Cruijff
Sun Mar 27, 2016 2:48 pm
  • Nice points Uncle Si,

    Everything I wanted to say really,

    We'd be watching 10 men behind the ball without his influence and vision in my opinion.

    Inspired me as a young soccer player and coach, after my Dad told me that Cruyff was his favourite player. Fascinating to read about Cruyff and his impact in the 1970s, continuing Rinus Michels' philosophy. La Masia would probably not exist without him, and Barcelona's very philosophy would have been different.

    I'm still saddened.
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