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Netflix: Friday Night Tykes? Anyone watching it?

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  • Just binge-watched season 1. Wow, not sure what to think. Very polarizing for me, sometimes I side with the coaches and sometimes I'm like "Wow...these are just kids and that's what you're saying?"

    I come from a very competitive family background, quite "tiger mom"-ish and "tiger dad"-ish and I can now (at age 40+) appreciate what my parents did. At the same time realizing how not-fun my childhood also was, and now being a parent of a 1yr, 3yr, and 5yr old trying to balance making my kids competitive and at the same time also enjoy a childhood

    Very interesting parenting thoughts coming from watching a show on youth football.

    Plus, helps me pass the time in the off-season :)

    Anyone here watch the show? Have thoughts?

    Good show, enjoy the quality of it, the content is a bit nerve-wracking
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  • For some reason I get sucked into watching it if I stay home sick. Just a disgusting show. I thought my junior football coaches were bad. Every once in a while one of them is good, but for the most part, none of these coaches should be anywhere near children. They're not coaching for the children, they're coaching to boost their own egos. Beyond that, almost none of them know anything about football.
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  • I love football. Love it.

    But there is something about youths under a certain age playing it that makes me really uncomfortable.
    Personally, i think my kids are going to need to wait until freshmen year in HS. Maybe 7th or 8th grade if they really want to.

    I never played organized football. Was planning on joining the freshmen football team until i got a rather severe concussion late in 8th grade playing school yard football that just made me lose my desire to join it.

    Ended up running cross-country instead.
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  • I thought it was a really interesting look into competitive youth sports. Not to mention the heyday a profiler could have of all the coaches.

    I agree that while each coach seemed to have a good moment, the bad moments outweighed the good. The only coach I really like that seems to be grounded is the Outlaws head coach. All the other coaches (especially the jr. Broncos coach) seem a bit juvenile or insecure and clinging on to the successes of their football team as their own. Esp the Jr. broncos coach whose marriage and family pretty much dissolved because of his coaching

    Maybe that's the way the show was edited together, who knows

    I'm enjoying watching it
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