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Mon Jul 11, 2016 6:46 am
  • Also known as the YOU SUCK GOLF ASSOCIATION. They mess up with the US Open and now really screw up the Womens US. OPen. Gave the American a distinct advantage by letting her know before the approach shot that they assessed a 2 stroke penalty to the opponent. They told the opponent after she shot and before the next stroke. Had they been paying a tiny bit of attention, they should have allowed the winner to play as tho there was no issue. It would have made her more aggressive and she could have made the aggregate score closer. We the fans will never know as the OFFICIALS did what they seem to be doing in all sports...control them. Personally, it seems like the distractions that sports used to give us from our daily lives are being manipulated. I dont know the answer yet.
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Re: U.S.G.A.
Tue Jul 12, 2016 1:14 am
  • I think instant replay needs to GTFO of golf, period. The USGA is using instant replay to access penalty strokes on infractions that cannot be seen with the naked eye, by the players.

    I find it extremely unfair to use this technology against only those players who's every shot is televised and thus, recorded. Those in contention - but not televised - suffer no such scrutiny.

    The USGA changes up the rulebook every year more than they should. I think next year they should adopt a "No instant replay" rule - until it is a technology that can be used to access penalties on any shot by any player during all 4 rounds. But even then, like you said, if the penalty isn't accessed immediately, it can alter a player's mindset and approach throughout the remainder of the round.

    I like instant replay in baseball. To see if a runner is safe, or out, is an equal advantage to both teams and during all at-bats. It's just not a fair use of this technology in golf; not yet, anyhow.
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