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WOW.. what a trade M's and Diamond Backs

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WOW.. what a trade M's and Diamond Backs
Wed Nov 23, 2016 9:29 pm
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    Seattle Mariners Executive Vice President & General Manager of Baseball Operations Jerry Dipoto tonight announced that the Mariners have acquired shortstop Jean Segura, outfielder Mitch Haniger and left-handed pitcher Zac Curtis from the Arizona Diamondbacks in exchange for right-handed pitcher Taijuan Walker and infielder Ketel Marte.

    Have mixed reaction.. Segura.. is impressive, and solves our SS situation and adds some helluva bats to the lineup and the others look pretty good as well.
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  • Love this. Houston is making moves too including getting Aoki. We needed a leadoff hitter badly. Led the NL in hits! He can steal too so it should be an upgrade over Marte who really struggled 2nd half of the year. If I were an dbacks fan I'm not sure about this!
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  • I usually prefer getting a position player over a pitcher since they contribute every day and pitchers can break down at any I gotta stick with that formula and like this trade.

    The shine really wore off Walker last year and the M's supposedly weren't happy with his conditioning. The M's infield is shaping up pretty nicely for next year. As long as Dipoto has a plan to address the rotation (which needed an upgrade BEFORE Walker left) then I like this deal.
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  • with the way things go i now expect walker to be an early cy young favorite lol
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  • We need two Starting Pitchers now at the very least. I would love too see the M's make a run at Chris Sale, but I don't think we have the trade bait.

    Just imagine this rotation

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  • Addition by subtraction......the rest is gravy. Lead off hitter with mvp votes...score.
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  • Like this trade a lot.I was and still am high on Walker but you need a glove at short and a good leadoff hitter.He provides things we have not had in some time.I suspect the M's will probaly be going to the Indians way of pitching and thats fine by me.
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  • Lithium wrote:with the way things go i now expect walker to be an early cy young favorite lol

    True bill here. Seems like the M's have always been the AAAA team supplying the rest of MLB with future superstars. :34853_doh:
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  • I'm worried about this move. I always hate it when the M's trade away young pitching and we haven't had the best of luck with NL players converting to the AL. I do like Segura's upside and he's probably the best lead off hitter we've had since Ichiro was in his prime. As long as Dipoto finds a way to nab a #2 starter for the rotation, I think I'll like it. The rotation needs work and was the weakness of the team last year and now they're worse.
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  • I hate giving up on a young power arm like that, but I think there were some behind the scenes issues, like Walker not taking his preparation seriously enough, and not being coachable enough. Plus maybe they think he has a lot of miles
    on that young arm. I'm sure Seattle was frustrated because the talent is there but the head kept getting in the way.

    I hope this doesn't come back to bite them in the ass though.

    I do however like the SS/leadoff guy they got. That fills a HUGE need.
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  • I really like the 33 stolen bases he brings. I agree on the miles his young arm might have on him. I think they like Paxton's shoulders a bit more.
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  • Walker was great for the first few months so if that turns out to be what he is consistently capable of this could come back to haunt us big time. I'm not sure if he was an issue in the clubhouse but that would be my guess. You dont trade away prospects like Walker unless you're making a run at the world series and I dont see it at the moment. The window is closing and Walker could have kept it open because he is so young. I like the trade right now but it would really suck if Walker/Marte
    turned out to be as good as Tillman/Jones so I'm nervous about it even though it makes us better right now.
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  • I loved the trade.

    Never been a fan of either Walker or Marte. Walker will be nothing more than a "potential" guy. I don't ever see him being the consistent pitcher we had hoped for. Marte is likely nothing more than a utility guy.

    We get a great shortstop and a leadoff hitter. Good trade.
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  • Walkers gonna pound the NL.

    Im hesitant on Segura, We are buying his career year... in the NL.... with interleague it's not as bad as that used to be, but always shaky switching leagues
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  • Hey remember when you guys could have had David Price for Walker? That was fun.
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