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  • Isiah Thomas was in my video production class in 10th grade at Curtis High School. This is sad. But such is life. Rooting for the Celtics a little bit now....
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  • Isaiah is my favorite current athlete who is not on the Seahawks. I wish him and his family nothing but the best through this tough time. Much love to you and your family IT. It's going to be one emotional game for him if he decides to play tomorrow. Knowing IT, he probably goes for 30. This is one of my favorite sport moments.

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  • Difficult next day .... today.

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  • Have they said what the cause of the accident was? Did she just fall asleep at the wheel?
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  • The police report said she wasn’t wearing a seat belt – a witness said the car had drifted off the road before striking a barrier.

    Drifting off the road sounds symptomatic of a distraction. Numerous possibilities. Texting .... reading .... applying makeup ... spilled beverage .... many possibilities .... as well as falling asleep.
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  • I was on I5 heading south about 10 minutes after this happened and saw the chaos that ensued. Truly a sad situation for him and his family.

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