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Gonzaga BB 2019-20 Thread

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Re: Gonzaga BB 2019-20 Thread
Mon Feb 10, 2020 12:42 pm
  • Hawkstorian wrote:I live in Spokane and talk Zags with folks all the time.... I've never once heard anyone say that they need to win a championship. On the contrary, folks here legitimately appreciate what's happened the last 20 years. Sure -- getting to the top of the mountain would be amazing but in no way to I sense pressure from anyone.

    There was some truth to the "never been to a final 4" gripe --- but after playing in the final game once and a couple of other elite 8 years that beef has quieted down.

    You are probably right that the fan base in Spokane isn’t up in arms over a national championship. Gonzaga doesn’t have the crazy boosters of a Kentucky, but it will catch up eventually if they don’t win one soon. I think Zags get more of a pass because they are newer to the scene than most big name programs. However, in any sport where you succeed, you need to win the big one. Think Andy Reid and his SB drought.
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