Pacers say they're the Seattle Seahawks of the NBA

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    "We approach it as a physical team and we do everything from a toughness standpoint," George said.

    Then he said, "Like Seattle."

    Like a football team?

    "Seattle's got individual guys that stand out defensively, as we do, and as a group we put it all together," George said of the Super Bowl champion Seahawks. "We're a great comparison to that team because we do it from an individual standpoint and as a group."

    Well, who wouldn't want to emulate Super Bowl champs?

    I think we can quit complaining now about a lack of respect. We got it. Delivering an epic beatdown in front of 111 million people will do that.
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  • We have all the respect we deserve now. They fear us and rightly so. Finally Pete gets his due.
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  • Pete will never succeed in the NFL. It's just to big a stage and he won't be able to get adults to buy into his Rah Rah style. This is going to a disaster Seattle will wish they never had to endure.

    Wait, what?
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  • Welp, I know which NBA team I'm rooting for this season.
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  • It's hard not root for the Pacers, they play the game the right way, with old school principles of a dominant big man, and some of the best team defense you've seen since mid 2000's spurs.

    Paul George is IMO the 3rd best Small Forward in the game behind LBJ and Durant, and Lance Stephenson is coming into his own, they brought him up correctly.

    On paper id take them over Miami, but Miami has the best player post-Jordan era in James, so Miami can do anything with him.
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  • There are only a handful of teams I enjoy watching in the NBA...the Pacers are one of the ones at the top of the list. I love watching Paul George and co. and their scrappiness
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  • Hey, if you guys can stop the Zombie Sonics from winning a title, go for it. I don't watch, but I'll be rooting for every non-Zombies team in spirit.
    Colin Kaepernick is a great person, something that the NFL is sorely lacking.
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