I can't support Jack Zduriencik any longer

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  • This wasn't as bad of a trade as most people are trying to make it. Jaso is a part time all star (and by AS I mean he hit .275). Compared to the rest of the team last year that was incredible, but Morse is a solid ~.300 hitter with right handed power. We needed him, we don't need Jaso with Zunino coming up soon.
    I enjoy ruining threads by making them about personal attacks and then commenting about how personal attacks make the other person's argument invalid.

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  • Judging by the level of outrage here you'd think we just traded Johnny Bench for Mike Morse. Seriously guys, take a deep breath and get a grip.

    In the grand scheme of things this trade makes no difference at all in changing the cold hard truth that we're playing for 3rd place in the AL West either way.
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  • The whole Mariners organization from the Ownership on down need to be purged and deleted from history.

    Same ol' front office crap from the M's, and from what the operations side has been doing to F up the Arena deal for the Sonics is quickly making me less a fan nowadays for this Franchise, they are starting to forget their place
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