Thank you Dave Cameron

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Re: Thank you Dave Cameron
Mon Apr 22, 2013 2:55 pm
  • Uncle Si wrote:
    SonicHawk wrote:I like Cameron, but he overreacts quite a bit. I remember with the Jaso trade he about lost his shit. Freakin Jaso.

    I don't think the Mariners aren't trying to spend money, they've been a top 1/3rd payroll team for a long time. They basically have only let one major guy go because of money (A-Roids).

    They have just made some terrible baseball decisions and with an ownership that doesn't care about the team, it's easy to make the connection they aren't trying.

    terrible baseball decisions. its that simple. and it appears their building on those young players is going to be another. If those 4-5 dont start showing signs of being capable baseball players this team may find itself in another 5 year period of utter disaster.

    Well, at least if Jack Z gets canned the next guy will have a decent farm to work with. Bavasi left the M's minor league system in worse shape than his reputation.
    I hate Tim Ruskell.
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