Lost a bet that cost me...

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Lost a bet that cost me...
Wed May 01, 2013 7:23 pm
  • Bored, thought I'd try something here...

    Lost a bet to a buddy in Cali that cost me a case of Kokanee (shipped to San Diego) when the Patriots couldn't beat the 49ers in New England.

    Curious what some of you guys won/lost this year. Any good stories?
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Re: Lost a bet that cost me...
Wed May 01, 2013 7:27 pm
  • My virginity
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Re: Lost a bet that cost me...
Wed May 01, 2013 7:41 pm
  • On the night of the glorious 42-13 beatdown a Niner friend of mine made a bet for $100 with another Patriot friend of mine and then he was pretty quiet for the rest of the night haha
    I, on the other hand, was quite boisterous as a few of my niner buddies were there to have that spanking rubbed in their face as well as me winning 1st place (and $800) in one league on the back of our defense that night and 3rd in another on the back of our very own Marshawn Lynch (it should be mentioned that I outscored the entire league that week even though I was only playing for 3rd or 4th)

    GO HAWKS!!!
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