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Where to watch NFC Championship Game in Seattle

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  • Hi guys if this thread is in the wrong area please feel free to move to the right section. I am from Vancouver and looking to head down to Seattle for the weekend and was wondering if anyone had some suggestions as to where I could watch the game with a great atmosphere. I cannot afford tickets at this point but I really want to be in the city with the locals cheering on the team. I am looking for a venue close to Century Link with plenty of tv's. I was thinking about a sports bar but if anyone has other suggestions of places that might be better for showing the game that would be great. Any ideas would help greatly.

    Thanks and go Hawks!
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  • Someone was just telling me about this really awesome bar in west Seattle where tons of 12's go and have a lot of fun watching. I'll try and see if I can remember the name...

    EDIT: None of the names ring any bells on Yelp, shoot. :cry:

    Well if you don't mind going to the U-District, Wing Central on the Ave is pretty great, so I've heard.

    Hope others can be of more help than me, haha.
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  • The sports bar in my neighborhood is called 95 Slide--on Pike just down from Broadway on Capital Hill. Decent enough place, with a deck, lots of TVs. And oh hell yeah it'll be packed with partisans. You want to get there early to get a place to sit. Actually, whereever you end up going, get there seriously early. Every sports bar in Seattle is going to be insane on Sunday.
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