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how do you feel about Russell as Texas Ranger?

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  • There are reports he'll report to Spring Training. I don't know about you guys but if he makes the team, it's going to be real weird to see him at Safeco Field?
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  • He is not going to play baseball.
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  • I hope he will get some rest and take care of that shoulder. This aside what I've heard is that he will be there to address the incoming signees about how to be a professional athlete.
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  • Cmon up on things first. He's going there as a motivational leader not to play
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  • I think it's cool that he's going. He's clearly still got a love for Baseball and I think him being involved, albeit in a token role, will be useful for him.

    I bet the Rangers can't believe their luck that he won the superbowl. It should create a lot of positive media for them.
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  • Image

    When Chuck Norris wants help he calls Russell Wilson.

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  • No problem with him coming in and talking with the players.
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  • Joking aside, I think Russell has a understanding with the Rangers and Seahawks, no standing in a batters box, no playing second base during drills for base running, etc.

    He is there to promote and get team advertising revenue as well as be a speaker and team motivator, what better can you find then the Starting QB of the Super Bowl Champs that was too short and a 3rd round career back up as far as the experts said.
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  • if he crowds the plate Felix will ping him! :D

    This is not real, he not going to play, he is working out and mentoring. Russell has the same problem Cerrano here has.......

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