1995 Edgar Double, Griffey video from the stands

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  • nowadays we have a million of these, but came across this on youtube.

    someone had an old school video camera in the stands. I hadn't seen this before. pretty cool.

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  • Awesome. How the hell did they sneak a huge camera in? Those things were huge back then. Cool too see it from a fans point of view all these years later.
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  • I remember jumping up and down like crazy and yelling like I was insane..My gf at the time who knew nothing about baseball joined in..That was something I'll never forget..Look at that 12th man style crowd...The dome ..Cool vid...
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  • Remember being a kid watching that, me and my dad went NUTS.
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  • That 1995 season was magic.

    It was a bit of serendipity that I went to a lot of games that year. Watched the stands slowly fill up as the the buzz began to build. Towards the end of the season people started coming with me. Didn't get to see a playoff game in the dome, couldn't afford the ticket prices. Watching on TV wasn't quite the same.

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