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Seattle Sports Fans Poll! Pick one Championship!

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Which Championship would you choose?

1983 Seahawks
1993-1994 SuperSonics
1995 Mariners
2001 Mariners
2005 Seahawks
Total votes : 15

  • I was talking about this the other day with a buddy of mine. Being a Hawks board, I know the Hawks will dominate this poll, but I'm still curious. Would you want multiple Super Bowls (already) with more to come, or would you want the love spread a little.

    In the comments section, please include which NON SEAHAWKS championship you would choose from the poll options.

    For me it's the 1983 Seahawks. They were the team of my childhood (42). My non football pick is tougher though. It would have bar none been the Sonics if you would have asked me years ago. I idolized GP, and was devastated by the first round loss to Denver. However, now that the Sonics are no more, I don't think I would choose them. I would want the title to still be in Seattle, not in a small random hick town. I would have to go with the Mariners of the early nineties, a World Series title would be pretty damn cool.
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  • A championship in the 90's probably keeps the sonics here...
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  • All would have been cool, but my first choice would have been 1983 Hawks since Largent, Easley, and the rest of the legends would have gotten a ring. The 1995 mariners team with their legends getting rings, followed by the M's finishing off the 2001 season.
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