Eric Northman and Floki. (True Blood, Vikings fans)

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  • To anyone who watches Vikings and True Blood. Floki(Gustaf Skarsgård) is Eric Northman's(Alexander Skarsgård) younger brother in real life.

    I didn't realize this until I was watching a movie called The Way Back(2010) and noticed a character that I thought looked a lot like Floki. Sure enough, it was him and then I noticed the actor's last name and also noticed pictures of him and Alexander together. It wasn't until I looked up Alexander that it stated info about his family, and sure enough, Gustaf IS his little brother.
    I am probably the last person that knows this. lol.
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  • Lots of actors in that family, even their pops.

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  • Talk about an acting dynasty there and good looking men!
    Merry Christmas!
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  • Add Roman Godfrey from Hemlock Grove.
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