'The American people can handle the truth' on UFOs

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  • The last seven months have done nothing to convince me that Americans are capable of "handling" anything. :P

    Heck, look at this board when it starts talking about Daylight Savings Time.
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  • Antarctica.

    That is all, for now...
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  • The smoking man has already gotten to them Todd and the government has done a great job of making even reporting a sighting seem like an exercise only to be revealed to a therapist .
    500 tears from now we will be observing beings on other planets as easily as we now drive to circle K , so I just am baffled by the difficulty that some have believing it isn't already happening to us , hey it happened on star trek.
    Even the bible has dozens of accounts of interaction.
    Bigfoot said so lol , but really , just because you haven't seen it personally doesn't mean it's not true or real
    I mean , have you ever seen a Higgs Boson
    Either way Mr. Breda , you'll never change their mind , it'll take way more.
    Try not to take it personally. :greetingsearthling:
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