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  • I cannot remember if I ever shared any of my son's music talents earlier, but now that he is working on a commercial project to share his original music I felt I should share with all of my friends here. It has been an exciting time. In February of this year he moved to Nashville to try to get his talent recognized. Within three weeks he was recruited by the entertainment manager of three of the main venues on the famous Broadway Street in Nashville. He is a singer/songwriter that is now currently producing his first E.P. using fellow stupendous talent to back his original works. If you don't mind I would like to share a few acoustic version videos of the fully produced songs that will be available later this year.

    His name is Cameron Merrell. He is 23 years old and, if you forgive the language, has his shit together. His FB page is at and you can follow the progression of his career there. This is the first video produced for the E.P. called In a Little While, a soulful rhythm and blues song.

    The next song off his upcoming album (yes, I'm an old fart) is called Tender Lovin' and is filmed in Nashville and at a point in the video you will see the Titans stadium in the background.

    Third video from the album is a completely different approach. This is a piece he wrote a couple of years earlier than the others and is a favorite of his mother's ... Feather in the Wind.

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  • Thanks for the videos.

    I'll download and listen when I get home :2thumbs:
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  • Great stuff. Always liked a good "dude and a guitar".
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  • AsylumGuido wrote:Cameron is putting the finishing touches on the EP. Getting close.

    Looking forward to the update Guido! :2thumbs:
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  • Always good to see you in here, Guido!
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  • Big update!

    Cameron's album is now available for preorder on iTunes and Google Play!


    If you search for it on iTunes you can hear 90 previews of each of the six cuts.

    Please spend the six bucks and buy a copy!

    It will also be available on Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, etc!
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