Sciency stuff....Curiosity finds strange rock on Mars...

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    Rover finds strange rock on Mars surface


    There's no end to the earthly items that Red Planet UFO enthusiasts have "discovered" on Mars — a snake, a coffin, traffic light, cat, lizard, even a sasquatch, just to name a few.

    NASA scientists have another name for them — "rocks".

    But, as Live Science reports, one rock that has piqued scientists' interest is a unusual dark-gray object that seems out of place with the rest of the reddish rock and dirt spread across the Martian landscape. NASA's Mars rover Curiosity photographed the rock on Jan. 12.

    The scientists are so intrigued with the sharp-edged stone that they have given it a name — Ames Knob. Results from Curiosity's laser-firing spectrometer, a.k.a. ChemCam, suggest its composition to be iron and nickel, commonly found in meteorites.
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