Sciency stuff...There may be a new kind of gravity wave

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  • Exclusive: We may have detected a new kind of gravitational wave


    By Mika McKinnon

    Have we detected a new flavour of gravitational wave? Speculation is swelling that researchers have spotted the subtle warping of the fabric of space resulting from the cataclysmic collision of two neutron stars.

    Now optical telescopes – including the Hubble space telescope – are scrambling to point their lenses at the source of the possible wave: an elliptical galaxy hundreds of millions of light years away.

    Gravitational waves are markers of the most violent events in our universe, generated when dense objects such as black holes or neutron stars crash together with tremendous energy. Two experiments – LIGO in the US and VIRGO in Europe – set out to detect minuscule changes in the path of laser beams caused by passing gravitational waves.
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  • If some of you didn't know, LIGO is right here in our state (well, most of us). I drive by it on my way to work every day. It's pretty cool to see them at the forefront of discovery.
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  • Yep, out in Hanford. The sister site that it compares data with is somewhere in Louisiana. The detectors are capable of measuring a deviation of 1/1,000 the width of a proton.

    And they found one!
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