Discovery Channel revives 'American Chopper' after 5 years

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  • Not sure how I feel about this. Hopefully I can trust what Paul Jr. says. :3-1:

    In the new show, the duo “set out reclaim their preeminent bike brands and – hopefully, rebuild some sort of relationship … with A-list celebrities, world famous athletes and Forbes 100 businesses as clients, millions of dollars and their brands’ reputations are on the line with every signature build.”

    An update on the duo from Discovery: “The Teutuls have been on a wild ride, and it certainly isn’t ending anytime soon. Paul Sr. has revamped Orange County Choppers – turning it into a complex with a shop, café, bowling alley, restaurant and of course, the showroom – but all that didn’t come without a hefty price tag and he is feeling the burden of a high overhead and a lack of foot traffic. Meanwhile, Paul Jr. has also felt the sting of a rough economy – with his business built solely on high-dollar custom-builds and commissions becoming tougher to come by, Paul Jr. stresses about the long-term stability of his own shop, Paul Jr. Designs especially now that he has his own family.”

    “American Chopper was one of Discovery’s most popular series ever,” said Rich Ross, Group President of Discovery. “Everyone is eager to see what the Teutul family has been up to. This winter, you’ll find out.” ... y-channel/
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  • I wonder how much the people on all these car and bike building shows get paid for their TV time? They make out like every build is do-or-die for the business, but I can't imagine they're doing the shows for free. Not counting endorsements, just TV pay.
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  • I watched this show when it first came out, but like most "TV dramas" as time went on the more their personal drama came into effect. Pretty soon it was less and less about bikes, and more and more about Jr. and Sr. bickering.
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  • Hawk_Nation wrote:I watched this show when it first came out, but like most "TV dramas" as time went on the more their personal drama came into effect. Pretty soon it was less and less about bikes, and more and more about Jr. and Sr. bickering.

    Yep. I enjoyed the show (Loved the original Black Widow Bike) and I don’t even ride.
    ....but the dysfunctional father-son relationship drama got old real fast.

    I can see that type of dysfunction anytime I want at my day job, and at least there I’m getting paid to deal with that crap.

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  • I used to really enjoy the show but it started down this path and got old really quick.

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  • Rough economy? What?

    Seems more likely that Paul Sr. made some really stupid investment decisions for the shop space and now he needs a new revenue stream (the show) to make ends meet.
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  • Oh good, grown men throwing temper tantrums on TV. It's basically the real housewives of where ever except with bikes instead of high heels.

    I don't understand the appeal of this at all.
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  • I think it was actually a pretty compelling show for a while when it came out. I'm not sure I want to revisit this thing again though. Although it's compelling TV that family fights so much and is so dysfunctional it's hard to watch. I realize that increases ratings. I'm just saying for me it's hard to watch.
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  • It was fun to watch when it was just about the builds and to see the client's reactions (even though a lot of the theme-based stuff is cringy as hell). I'd rather watch the A to Z building process than a full hour of male menopause in effect. Bring back Junkyard Wars instead.
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