Infinity Warz: SPOILER EDITION!!

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Re: Infinity Warz: SPOILER EDITION!!
Fri Jun 08, 2018 4:26 pm
  • Maulbert wrote:
    HAWKAMANIA wrote:I gotta think that Adam Warlock will be included somehow to help stop Thanos. They hinted at the character at the end of GotG 2 and haven’t seen or heard anything since.

    Kevin Feige, James Gunn, and the Russo Brothers have all stated Adam Warlock will not be in Avengers 4.

    Welp, there goes that idea. Unless they’re just trying to keep it secret.
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Re: Infinity Wars: SPOILER EDITION!!
Sat Jun 16, 2018 3:38 pm
  • RolandDeschain wrote:
    HawkGA wrote:Hmm, I may have to go back and watch the Norton hulk. I like Norton, but I don't recall being particularly impressed with his Banner/Hulk role. If anything, I think the villain stole the show in that.

    I feel like Norton put the "tortured soul" feeling into Bruce Banner in a way nobody else who has ever played him has done. Watch it again and let us know what you think, IMO.

    This is one of those rare instances where I agree with you 100%, in fact, every single thing you said in this thread is spot on, IMO. Norton did great at it.

    I am disappointed the way the MCU tends to dumb down this character, and not including some of the crazy things he can do.

    There was an issue of Hulk back in the day where he does some insane stuff, like shrugs off several nuclear warheads that the military drops on him. Another issue where absorbing man declares "I am the strongest one there is..." and the Hulk goes nova on the pitiful villain and just destroys the dude... another issue from way back, like maybe Incredible Hulk #107 or so, he fought this uber powerful villain and the level of destruction in that fight was unbelievable. That's always been the mantra with the Hulk, is that the longer the fight lasts -- the the more in trouble the other guy is, because the Hulk never tires, and the longer he fights and the angrier he gets, the stronger he gets.

    Hulk was one of the first comics I collected, I started way back when it was called Tales to Astonish where half the issue would be sub mariner, and half hulk -- I had all those.

    I also know that a lot of the Hulks anger comes from his abuse as a child. I really want them to take advantage of that stuff to create a more complex and interesting hulk, but so far he's been used as a mere brute and comic relief in the MCU. The previous Hulk movies tried, but neither landed it correctly.

    One good thing about the MCU is that they really mine the old comics for stories, you know, from the era between 1960 and the early 1990's when Marvel was still good.
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