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Re: Manifest on NBC
Sat Dec 08, 2018 10:24 pm
  • kidhawk wrote:There are currently 18 episodes projected for season 1. It’s not unheard of for first season shows to get a few extra episodes added later but I haven’t heard anything recently other than it was definitely going to get the full season (many shows don’t). Our 9rh episode served s a mid season finale and aired on November 26 th. New episodes begin over here on January 7th.

    Wikipedia must be behind - it is there that I read there are supposedly 16 episodes. Now, I'll be very interested to see if we get the "express" availability of episode 10 (etc) from Jan 7, or if we have to wait ages until it airs on the actual free to air TV. We have a summer break for all the big shows on TV here - I guess you do too? I don't normally watch much TV, so I am not usually interested in when series resume, but I am hooked on Manifest! However, I hope they don't flog it to death. Some series go on and on, way too long, IMO.

    Well, actually I rejoice when the shows are all coming back on, even if I don't watch them, because it means the damned summer is ending! We're all supposed to down at the freaking beach the entire time (UGH). Thank Christ the cricket is on - the only good thing about summer!
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