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Back in my little town...

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Back in my little town...
Wed Jul 24, 2019 4:25 am
  • I’m travelling this weekend to my hometown of Berri, about 240km/140 miles northeast of Adelaide, for a three-day visit of simple, unashamed and maybe silly nostalgia, staying in he local pub/Hotel.

    It is a small town of about 5,000 people, on the banks of the Murray River (Australia’s longest river). I lived there from 1963-78 (aged 3-18), after we moved there from England, where my father had been a pilot in the Fleet Air Arm of the Royal Navy, flying various planes (strike, anti-submarine, etc) from aircraft carriers.

    We lived a few miles out of town, on a fruit orchard (called a “block” there; quite a change of profession for my dad!). It ended up being a hardscrabble existence, but my parents managed to sell for a reasonable price to the then new Principal of the local High School, thanks to the wonderful house and garden, which was a rarity in the area.

    Thanks to a present-day Councillor in the area, I’ve been put in touch with the current owners of my parents’ former property, and am visiting them to have a look around. This will be very surreal. I haven’t seen the old home place since 1979, and haven’t visited the actual area at all since the early 80s, except fleetingly, when driving through to other areas further afield.

    I’ve got a “map” of the town and surroundings, including my former actual home, in my head (sort-of) and it will be very interesting how it “compares” with the current reality.,_South_Australia

    The current owners (also in their late 50s, like me) asked me to draw a “map” of my “memory” of the main part of the town, and of our block, which I’m trying to do now.

    I've got footage on DVD to give them, copied from my father's ancient "Standard 8" silent movies, but the quality is supremely dreadful, due to sheer age and poor resolution... sadly barely worth watching, but it's all I have.

    Challenging but fun… and FWIW, no-one (including me) can ever mark me for accuracy of memory!
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Re: Back in my little town...
Wed Jul 24, 2019 8:47 am
  • That's very cool! Should be a great trip for you. I've often thought about returning to my childhood home (it's like a 15 minute drive from me, lol) to see if I could have a look around just for the nostalgia...Let us know how it goes!
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