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SNL @ Home Has Been Killing It Lately

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SNL @ Home Has Been Killing It Lately
Mon May 11, 2020 12:15 am
  • I watch SNL whenever it's a new episode. Like most longtime SNL viewers you know the drill. Sometimes after an episode you're like, "Why did I just waste this last 90 minutes of my life?" (Okay, maybe 60 minutes when fast forwarding through commercials, thank you DVR).

    In the past few years for every solid skit there's 5 that leave you wishing you were doing something else. Now with this quarantine, SNL has been doing a "@ Home" version and it's been frankly, much better than I would have expected. Last night's episode was especially solid I thought. The skits are fresh and timely, the production is better than you would think and the laughs were consistent. Outside of one weird sketch, I found myself laughing throughout much of the show. Boys II Men were the musical guests and I was reminded how incredibly talented they are.

    With all of this craziness going on in the world I guess I want to take some time to tip the cap to those who are still trying to make us smile, laugh, and in the end just know that we are all on this weirdness together and if they can help relieve even a minute amount of stress for a couple of hours, well, they've done their jobs.
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  • I have stopped watching it for a LONG time. I watch only a few programs that are Wonder Woman on Heros and Icons tv. Comettv is a friend.

    On a positive note, I went fishing on Saturday. Went to the wrong place of course, and called a friend and went to his location. We caught a fish a piece there and a person across the street came over and told us that for a one time deal, come fish my pond. We both caught a single 14.5 inch fish and the wife came down and said that we could not keep them. Either 14 and below or 15 and above. So we went on our merry way after we were done. There is a back story about a pump and the water being drained but when the wife comes down....we have to obey. We let them both go and they swam away like chargers they are. Still a fun time. Peace to you all.
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