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  • That had to hurt. :D
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  • They look so much different than most intentionally elongated skulls. #tsoukalos
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  • That's the thing bellinger... they look much different than other "modified" (for lack of a better word) skulls I've seen. They have a LOT of extra bone. I've seen some of that stuff go on in Egypt too, but it isn't like their skull actually increases greatly in size, unless they were cracking them and letting bone fill in to increase the overall length and girth of the skull, but on the one that was pictured, you can see the growth plates and no other signs of cracking to pull it out and have extra bone fill in. They aren't just sort of coned like a typical skull that has been tied in whatever way to make it grow specifically. For example, you see skeletons of those who have had bound feet, and they are small and show a large amount of stress fractures and the like, because they were restricted in growth. These skulls are much larger and not just elongated by taking the existing skull material and making it cone out, but rather seemingly expanding the entire skull well beyond its natural boundaries and leaving an inordinate amount of space around an average human brain that would be unprotected or just fluid.

    To me these look much different. The story just seems to blow off that aspect. Good thing none of the people who had this done also had vestigial tails, or we'd really have a lot to discuss I think. Hmmm.... maybe they did. I guess we'll never know.
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