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Re: Introduce yourself!
Sun May 08, 2016 12:39 pm
  • Wait, there's a bar in Amsterdam showing Seahawk games?

    Bugger N'Orlens, that should be the road trip.
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Re: Introduce yourself!
Sun May 08, 2016 3:34 pm
  • cdallan wrote:Wait, there's a bar in Amsterdam showing Seahawk games?

    Bugger N'Orlens, that should be the road trip.

    It's Coco's Outback

    They show most of the games and you can request a specific one in advance. I've been there for work the last few years during the first two games of the season. Fun place.

    Last year, my client was the company who licenses NFL video in Europe and turns out Coco's didn't have the licsense to show them and so I'd accidentally gotten them in trouble by bringing my client there.
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Re: Introduce yourself!
Tue Jul 12, 2016 8:25 pm
  • In all the years I’ve been posting here at .Net, I hadn’t visited this forum until a couple of days ago. I just found this thread today, so here is a long overdue official introduction …

    Name: Todd
    Born: Fremont, CA (February 7, 1971)
    Reside: Oak Harbor, WA … and Shelton, WA
    Age: 45
    Occupation: Middle School Social Studies Teacher now (I spent nearly 14 years in Mental Health and Social Service work before getting into education)
    Favorite All-Time Seahawk: Steve Largent
    Favorite Current Seahawk: Russell Wilson
    Places Other Than Seahawks Stadium Where I've Seen Hawks Play: The Kingdome
    Other Stadiums I've Been To: Only small college and high school ones
    Favorite Seahawk Memory: February 2, 2013 – watching my beloved Seahawks absolutely annihilate the hated Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII.
    Saddest Seahawk Memory: February 2, 2006 – watching the news and seeing Seahawks moving vans heading South down I-5 towards Los Angeles.
    Favorite Football Movie Of All Time: Hard to decide between Remember the Titans, The Waterboy, and the original Longest Yard (with Burt Reynolds)
    Favorite Food: Pizza, Thai Food, Mongolian BBQ, Steak, Seafood, Pasta, Mexican Food (heck, I’m Norwegian, let’s face it – we Norwegians just flat out love food in general and love to eat – period!)
    Best Seahawk Souvenir: My Steve Largent Topps rookie card that Largent autographed for me back in 1990 when he visited my college and was a keynote speaker for a conference I attended.
    Things I enjoy besides Seahawks Football: Baseball (I’m a huge Mariners fan as well), Basketball (used to be an avid Sonics fan), Science Fiction (Star Trek, Star Wars, basically everything Sci-Fi), Fantasy Stuff (i.e. Lord of the Rings and virtually everything from that genre), Gaming, Reading, Studying History, Religion, and Science (especially Astronomy), Computers, Camping, Backpacking/Hiking, Fishing (I’m a huge fisherman), and like all true Washingtonians Good Coffee (I get my transfusion every day).
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Re: Introduce yourself!
Thu Jul 14, 2016 10:10 am
    TUE MAY 06, 2014 6:31 PM
    Name: Andy
    Born: Oct 31st
    Reside: Sammamish
    Age: 40 something
    Occupation: Biz Dev GM
    Favorite All-Time Seahawk: Kenny Easley
    Favorite Current Seahawk: Kam
    Places Other Than Seahawks Stadium Where I've Seen Hawks Play: Oakland, RFK Stadium
    Other Stadiums I've Been To: Rose Bowl, LA Coliseum, Georgia Dome, Candlestick, Glendale, Wembley
    Favorite Seahawk Memory: Superbowl 48
    Saddest Seahawk Memory: Superbowl 49
    Favorite Football Movie Of All Time: Rudy
    Favorite Food: Anything smoked on my Big Green Egg
    Best Seahawk Souvenir: The jersey I wore in the Richard Sherman softball game
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Re: Introduce yourself!
Thu Jul 14, 2016 11:14 am
  • Name: JP
    Born: 4/17/79
    Reside: Seattle, Wa
    Age: 37
    Occupation: Operations manager for an Electronics company
    Favorite All-Time Seahawk: Jacob Green
    Favorite Current Seahawk: Kam Chancellor
    Places Other Than Seahawks Stadium Where I've Seen Hawks Play: Arrowhead
    Other Stadiums I've Been To: Arrowhead, Soldier Field
    Favorite Seahawk Memory: SB Win Baby
    Saddest Seahawk Memory: SB losses (both)
    Favorite Football Movie Of All Time: Rocky 4
    Favorite Food: Pho'
    Best Seahawk Souvenir: Too many autographs to pick one
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Re: Introduce yourself!
Thu Aug 18, 2016 11:20 am
  • Name: Matt
    Born: Marlboro, NJ
    Reside: South Florida
    Age: 40
    Occupation: Sales - Anti-Money Laundering Solutions
    Favorite All-Time Seahawks: Percy Harvin, Shaun Alexander
    Favorite Current Seahawks: Earl Thomas
    Places Other Than Qwest Where I've Seen Hawks Play: Been to over 20 different NFL stadiums but I can't recall if I have seen them before.
    Favorite Seahawk Memory: Hopefully this upcoming season when I am there!
    Saddest Seahawk Memory: The SB where they beat the Broncos. Life long Broncos fan, but like the Seahawks for all other games
    Favorite Football Movie Of All Time: Wildcats
    Favorite Food: chicken wings
    Best Seahawk Souvenir: old school Curt Warner jersey

    Check out my First Time in Seattle thread. We are coming for a Sports Weekend (Seahawks, Huskies, Mariners)
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Re: Introduce yourself!
Tue Aug 30, 2016 1:10 pm

Re: Introduce yourself!
Tue Oct 25, 2016 2:09 am
  • Hi Guys, I'm new here... Been following NFL and the Seahawks for a few years in the UK and needed to find somewhere to discuss them!

    Name: Chris
    Born: Birmingham, UK
    Reside: Birmingham, UK
    Age: 32
    Occupation: Designer
    Favorite All-Time Seahawk: Richard Sherman
    Favorite Current Seahawk: Richard Sherman
    Places Other Than Seahawks Stadium Where I've Seen Hawks Play: My living room/Bar!
    Other Stadiums I've Been To: Lots of UK stadiums, none for NFL.
    Favorite Seahawk Memory: Winning the Superbowl
    Saddest Seahawk Memory: Not running it... You know when!
    Favorite Football Movie Of All Time: Mean Machine
    Favorite Food: Does anything beat a really good burger and fries?!
    Best Seahawk Souvenir: Don't have many yet only my jersey and beanie!
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Re: Introduce yourself!
Tue Feb 21, 2017 9:42 am
  • Hello guys ! i've been looking for a good seahawks forum for a while, and now i think i found the right one.
    Here in Europe, football is still not very popular (maybe that's gonna be better in a few years...;))
    So i'm here to find some peoples to talk about football and off course about the Seahawks !

    Name : Erkan
    Born : Saint-Mandé (a suburb near of Paris)
    Reside : Paris, France.
    Age : 24
    Occupation : RATP (it's the transport company in Paris...)
    Favorite All-Time Seahawk : Marshawn Lynch
    Favorite Current Seahawk : Earl Thomas
    Places Other Than Seahawks Stadium Where I've Seen Hawks Play: I only watch the games on the NFL Gamepass (i will go to the stadium one day!)
    Favorite Seahawk Memory : SB 48 !
    Saddest Seahawk Memory : The SB loss against the Pats, specially the end of the game...
    Favorite Football Movie Of All Time : Remember the Titans
    Favorite Food: Spaghetti Bolognese...ahah ;)
    Best Seahawks Souvenir : My Earl thomas jersey !
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