Streaming music

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Streaming music
Tue Nov 18, 2014 10:18 am
  • Okay, I've got a bazzilion songs on my phone and many many albums, problem is I hate creating playlist but like time has come today to start streaming music.

    I've briefly used spotify over the years. Today I chose iheart app, so far so good, I dialed into a rock station in Philly, sound alright.

    Aaaand, I didn't need to pay or register (I really hate all that sh**)

    Any suggestions for this streaming newbie?

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Re: Streaming music
Tue Nov 18, 2014 10:37 am

Re: Streaming music
Tue Nov 18, 2014 12:33 pm
  • I pay for Spotify and it's worth every penny.
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Re: Streaming music
Tue Nov 18, 2014 1:39 pm
  • SonicHawk wrote:I pay for Spotify and it's worth every penny.

    This 100x over again as well. Spotify really is the way to go IMO when it comes to services like it. Pandora is cool when you're not really looking for any specific but it's got nothing on Spotify.

    Beats Music has cool ideas but over all just meh, I'm not trying to hear early 80's hip hop when Im at work trying to keep my mind busy so the time flies.
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Re: Streaming music
Tue Nov 18, 2014 4:06 pm
  • I use both Spotify and Pandora and have no real complaints for what I use them for.
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Re: Streaming music
Tue Nov 18, 2014 4:20 pm
  • I pay for Pandora. It isn't bad. Had spotify for a little bit but I like discovering new music and am hardly ever looking for anything specific. I have soundcloud and youtube if i want to listen to a particular artist or song
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Re: Streaming music
Tue Nov 18, 2014 5:19 pm
  • Pay for Spotify and love it. Discovered lots of new music and has full catalogues for a lot of the major artists, with the exception of the beatles.
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Re: Streaming music
Tue Nov 18, 2014 8:07 pm
  • I've been really impressed with Spotify, I normally listen to vinyl with my vintage setup, or music on my phone.

    But I recently bought an adequate DAC and have been streaming Spotify through my laptop/stereo, like 1970's era gear, and it sounds really good. Was impressed.

    This site looks interesting, curious to try it. See if I can hear any big improvement.
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Re: Streaming music
Tue Nov 18, 2014 9:59 pm
  • Count me in as another Spotify fan. I pay for premium and it's fantastic. I really can't recommend it enough.
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Re: Streaming music
Wed Nov 19, 2014 5:38 am
  • Pandora and Spottily are both awesome. If you have SiriusXM, you can pay like an extra 4 bucks for an upgrade and stream previous radio broadcasts. Love listening to Octane replays.
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