The best burgers in the N Sound... On the way to the slopes

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  • I am going to add my 3 favorite places to ride my motorcycle to. ( as if I need an excuse to go for a ride ;)). In no special order, just where I am headed, when Spring is upon us

    ...and the Draft!

    Pilchuck in Snohomish. Just off highway 2 , and a longtime oldie love the Swiss and mushroom , great shakes too

    The Bunkhouse in Yelm. A linemans dream, Huge burgers that are great

    The XXX burger in Issaquah. A fun place , and a lot of locals can't be wrong my choice when I am headed over 90

    The Chuck Wagon. Mt Vernon. This is my favorite when headed up I5 to ride Mt Loop
    Great juicy burgers

    the 59er up highway 2. The best shakes in the state ( try the peanut butter chocolate )

    Warning: you better plan on working out after eating at these places ...for at least a week and don't forget your Lipitor
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  • This local does not eat at XXX
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  • seahawk2k wrote:This local does not eat at XXX

    You should, xxx root beer has some of the best burgers in the area.
    Makes everything else taste like a bag of dicks.
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  • On the peninsula Snug Harbor Cafe, the one in Discovery Bay, not the one in Port Ludlow, has a mighty fine burger. Difference is that the Ludlow one nas a flat top grill where the Discovery Bay one has a nice broiler. All the other food is quite good there but the building echos like mad (once made the mistake of taking a woman, one known for her loud voice there, YIKES!)
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  • I've been to Pilchuck. It was good. Didn't know it was so revered, might have to go for something a little more impressive other than the double cheese next time. That's the only one I've tried of all these though.
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  • Isn't there a place called Zekes on the 2 going toward Stevens?
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  • Well, since I'm on the other side of the sound in the opposite direction, here's the good stuff heading to the Olympics:

    Crazy Erics. OMG, that Bigfoot Burger is great. The fries will stop your heart dead in its tracks.

    Big Bubba's. come on. The place is called Big Bubba's. What else do you need to know? Huge burgers.

    The Grub Hut. Their Hawaiian Burger is awesome. Great shakes too.
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