iPhone, Galaxie,Blackberry..... Which one?

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  • I picked up a Galaxy S3 about 6 months ago, awesome phone, love it.

    It looks big and takes a few days to get used too, but its really the perfect size. As SmokinHawk mentioned the ability to pull down the menu bar and toggle the main features of the phone is really nice and makes it easy to manage wireless, gps, data transfer in a simple manner.

    Some cool things about it....
    - when in text mode, hold it up to your ear and it will call whoever you were in text mode w/.
    - when reading on it/watching a movie it will detect eye movement/blinking and keep the phone running vice timing out. Really cool feature, especially if you like to read alot/watch movies and use the auto timeout feature.
    - ability to pause while recording videos, unpause continue recording
    - ability to watch videos/recordings as an overlay to the screen while surfing, reading, etc. Also you can resize the video playback screen size.
    - when locked, holding your finger in the middle of the screen and rotating 90 degrees will unlock and open to the camera
    - swipe your hand across the screen at any point to capture a screen shot

    my 2 cents...get an S3
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  • RolandDeschain wrote:Motorola screwed the pooch with the Droid X in some ways, I had some problems with mine, too. Love my Galaxy Note II, though.

    @Smokin' - If Verizon throttles, I've never seen it. Last summer I hit 22GB in one month and didn't get throttled, lol. It's why I paid full price for my Galaxy Note II, to keep unlimited data.

    You haven't seen it get throttled because it likely already is throttled. I would be willing to bet that Verizon marks the DSCP bits on packets received at the tower, prioritizing them based on the customer's plan. To best illustrate this effect, take your phone to somewhere there is only 3g service and compare it to a modern smartphone, likewise on Verizon, with a capped plan. The person with the capped plan will be faster every single time, provided that the phone specs are similar if not identical. This effect may be less profound in an area like Seattle, but in a semi-rural location like the Tri-Cities, it's pretty obvious.
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  • They very well might do that, Smokin', but several coworkers do have tiered plans on Verizon and I haven't been able to see any difference on speed tests versus their models. If they do do that, but have enough capacity where de-prioritizing my traffic doesn't make a noticeable difference in latency or bandwidth, then it really doesn't matter. I didn't compare against coworkers during the month I hit over 20GB, but I specifically did a few different speed tests towards the end of that month and saw the same speeds I was accustomed to, which almost exactly match the "5-test average" I've done on some other phones that are on Verizon tiered plans on the phones of coworkers. They definitely don't "pull a T-Mobile" and drop me down to 3G or 2G if there is some sort of limitation being imposed, that's for sure.

    I've hit 59 megabits down on LTE here in Kirkland, before. Granted, that's in the evening, when use is a lot lower.
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  • The S3 is ridiculous. I have an iphone 5 and s3 for developing purposes and personally like the s3 better.
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  • I seriously regret getting an iphone 5, I wish I could trade it in for a samsung of some sort but its too late.

    So many of my friends said give it time and you will "get it" well yeah I got it and cant get rid of it. The only thing I find fun is garageband.
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