PSA...don't let your kids play with your smart phone...

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    Toddler Accidentally Buys Vintage Car While Playing With Dad's Phone

    Kids love to play with smartphones, but sometimes it's bad news to let them do so. They might start texting your ex-girlfriends, post nonsensical baby gibberish to your Facebook page, or buy you a random beat-up old British roadster on eBay.P

    Wait. What am I saying? The last one is a great reason to let your kids play with your phone! Then you'll have a new toy to play with. BAM. P

    That's exactly what 14-month-old Sorella Stoute of Portland did in June. TV station KOIN reports that she was playing with her dad's smartphone when she opened the eBay app, started clicking around, and inadvertently bought a 1962 Austin Healey Sprite — encouragingly listed as "FrankenSprite" — in need of serious repairs for the low, low price of $225. P
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