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Visiting for Panthers Game, Questions

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Visiting for Panthers Game, Questions
Mon Nov 14, 2016 5:37 pm
  • I have a couple questions about going to a home game.
    Flying in from NY. I am staying at the Sorrento. ( so I can also get some ghost hunting in!)

    Is there a shuttle? safe walk?

    Are there any places I need to stay away from?

    Also, Game day. What is allowed for cameras? I do not want my stuff taken away.

    Is it better to sit lower or a little higher.

    I am not rich, But I want the best experience I can get. It probably wont happen again for
    a long while.

    Thanks. Flying in from Buffalo. Waited a long long time to do this!

    Thank you!
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  • Personally, I love sitting in the first 5 rows of the 300 level. I just the the overhead view from there. Even the corners are a good view and you should find the best deals in sections 300, 301 and sections like those in the other corners. The 300 level starts with row A, goes to row Z then goes AA and up.
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  • The seats I could afford were CHR136 RowV They were $600 ea. Everything else (that was left) Was 700 or more. Then they tack $100 fee on top of the seat. Ouch! They look like great seats though.
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