Need help identifying whether an autograph is legit!

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  • Hey all, first post here and was directed this way by an administrator.

    I might be acquiring a supposed signed Shaun Alexander jersey, however, all I have to go off of is the persons word and a couple of pictures he sent me.

    Here is the best image that shows the signature-

    The story that went along with it was that a friend of his uncles who worked in a parking garage saw Alexander fairly regularly, so this person bought a jersey from Champs and had the friend get his autograph.

    I'm very inexperienced in this kind of thing, so if anyone here might be able to shed some insight into this it would be much appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Compare it to other signatures. If possible take it and get PSA to authenticate it. I will say that compared to my autographed ball, that signature looks pretty shaky. I'd pass.
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  • It's Shaun, who would fake that? It's not like it's worth much.
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  • Don't know about the sig, but if they're trying to pass that off as an authentic jersey, it's not. It is a legit Reebok jersey, but the Premier version, not On Field.
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