Open Welcome Letter from .NET to Pete Carroll

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  • This topic is for you to post your own message to Coach Carroll as the new Coach & Executive VP for our Seahawks. Feel free to share your opinion, your excitement or your pessimism, and I will deliver it to team HQ later this week.

    I want this to be from the heart, but also in a professional and respectful manner. I'll start:

    Coach Carroll,
    As a lifelong Seahawk fan and part of the greatest group of fans in the NFL, we want nothing more than to watch a winning team, but it's important to us to also be fans of a winning organization. We felt like we finally acheived this for several years under the direction of Mike Holmgren. He taught this organization how to win, and what it means to be more than what you think you can be.

    As I study your professional history both in the NFL and with USC, I see a man that has learned from his past mistakes. I think this is why I am most excited about your hire, because just like Holmgren did before you, I feel that you are bringing our team the continuation of a culture of winning that you've had with USC. I can't wait to see your enthusiasm rub off onto our players, and ultimately turn into extraordinary efforts on gameday.

    In short, when I heard that you were coming to the Seahawks, I was both excited and skeptical. The questions about "will his College success translate to the NFL" still remain in my mind, but in terms of bringing in the right guy, and the right football mind to transform our team into a winner, I can't disagree with Mr Leiweke's choice.

    Welcome to the Seahawks Coach, and I'm glad you began your press conference with the fans. You really have no idea what you are in for on the first gameday at Qwest Field, but I promise you that you will get chills. I still do.

    All the best
    Mark Olsen
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  • Dear Pete,

    Welcome to Seattle!!!! I am feeling great about you coming here and look forward to many, many great winning season with the Seattle Seahawks.
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  • Mr Carroll,

    I want to thank you for taking the job with my team. Ive been a fan since I was a little guy and love this team and my fellow fans like family. You are a part of my family now. I cant wait. " It's great to be a Seahawk!"
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  • Coach,

    Twenty years from now I would like to look back and talk to my friends about how wonderful the Pete Carroll years were for Seattle. Please ensure that that happens!
    Austin Hawk
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  • Coach,

    Make it happen. That is all.
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  • Hello Pete,

    I have been a Seahawks fan for all of my nearly 32 years. I've seen the worst of the worst seasons...I am hoping that you can show me the best of the best. I live in Omaha, NE now and have never been inside Qwest Field. (save for the pro-shop) I promise you, that when you are in disbelief on opening day, at how loud the 12th man is, that I will be one of the voices you hear in that mix. We'll help prove your theory that everything will be done better moving forward. GO SEAHAWKS!!!

    -Damon M Marvin
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  • Coach Carroll,

    The past weekend has been hectic and strange and it made me wonder if our team is headed in the right direction. But your recent hires, your attitude, and your conviction can make a believer out of me if they're followed up with wins. You are my coach now, you get my support.
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  • Dear Coach Carroll,

    As a Seahawk fan from 76, I obviously have seen some good and bad years. However, I never, ever remember being this excited about the future of the Seahawks organization. The more I have learned about you the past few days, the more excited I have become. I truly believe that you can prove all of the naysayers wrong, just like you did at USC. In short, welcome to the Seahawks -- please kick ass and take names.

    Scott Marquis
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  • Welcome to Seattle, where the 12th man will always lend a of luck! :th2thumbs:
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  • Coach Carroll,

    Welcome to Seattle! You will not find a fan base that loves their team or lives and dies with their team more than those of the Seattle Seahawks. While this organization has recently had prolonged success, we've found ourselves stuck in the mire of mediocrity once again. Our franchise has a rich history, one that often gets overlooked because of our geographic location and lack of Super Bowl Titles. Learn where this franchise came from. See how difficult it has been to be a Seahawk fan in years past and you will come to fully appreciate the passion of the fans that support you and this team. We've tasted what it was like to be a Super Bowl-caliber team and we've become hungry for more.

    We are counting on you and your staff to bring this proud franchise back to the state of glory we once knew and taking the next step. As fans, we will support you and the team with our whole hearts and voices, providing a home-field advantage that only the "12th Man" is capable of. As a part of Seahawk Nation, I say welcome, good luck, and let's get to work.


    Joel McKinney
    Seahawk fan by birth
    12-year Season Ticket Holder
    Section 149, Row M, Seats 7-9
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  • New Jersey loves the Seattle Seahawks and Pete Carroll! Welcome aboard Coach!

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  • Welcome to the Seahawks coach!

    I am really excited about you and your new coaching staff guiding our beloved team.

    You are taking a team that has been always considered an underdog, even in 2005, when we played in the Super Bowl, but I am sure the success we will get in the near future will be sweeter because of our "underdog" status.

    You can be sure we will be following you with great interest. Personally, I think you "can do and WILL DO" philosophy is what our team needs!

    I am glad to have you around!
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  • Coach Carroll,

    Welcome to the Seahawks! I'm excited about your hire and have complete confidence in your ability to right the ship and lead us back to the Super Bowl in the next few years.

    Good Luck and God Speed!

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  • Welcome Pete!
    We're happy to have you.

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  • Coach Carroll,

    As a life long Seahawk fan since '76. I have seen, witnessed, been a part of the worst and the best of times, the highs and the lows that this team has been through since its inception. Boy, what a roller coaster ride it has been.

    I would like nothing less then a superbowl victory for this team. The team deserves it, the players deserve it, and certainly us fans deserve it.

    I am excited about your hiring, and I am confident in your ability to lead this team out of the current funk it is in and lead it to a Superbowl Victory.

    Congrats and Good Luck

    Dave Bourque
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  • Welcome to Seattle, lets get this done!!! At least there's no NFL team's in the state of Oregon. Because we all know you cant win there. But luckily I know you have great success everywhere else and I hope it will continue in Seattle.
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  • Coach,

    As you have already heard with everyone else's comments, we LOVE this team and we are excited to have you aboard. I haven't been this excited about Seahawks football in a long time, and it feels like the first time we got a superbowl bid. I love your positive outlook on making this team the best it can be, and I have a feeling you will get the players to buy in. Here's to many successful seasons here in Seattle!


    P.S. Locker in 2011
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  • The 12th man is yours now - use us wisely.
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  • Welcome to the Great Northwest, Coach!

    I just watched your first presser and must say I like your style.

    Loud & Proud in Clear Lake, WA. 12th Man rules!

    Da Lymon

    (Pssst...if you really want to find out the latest in Seahawk news, this is the place to come to.)
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  • Coach Carroll,

    Thank you for coming to Seattle and getting the excitment and enthusiasm going again. I am looking forward to seeing what you can bring to our team as well as our city. The 12thman is ready to rise up stronger and louder than ever. Good luck and best wishes and I will stand by you as you help to guide our team to the back to the top and instill the winning attitude that I know you are accustomed to.

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  • Dear Coach, take us to the promise land!
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  • Coach Carroll,

    I'm excited to have you here. Your energy and enthusiasm alone having me on the bandwagon! I have little doubt you will bring success and a winning tradition to Seahawks!! Welcome aboard.
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  • Dear Coach,

    Welcome to our family. We are both proud and glad to have you here, and look forward to many great seasons with you at the helm. It is my sincere hope that you etch your name into the NFL history books with this great franchise by building a great team and lasting dynasty with us.


    Benji Graham.
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  • Pete im rooting for you all the way from Scotland , lets bring seattle its 1st superbowl win
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  • Coach Carroll

    Im a life long Seahawk fan and want to send a big 'Welcome to the family' your way. You won't find a more dedicated fanbase or louder homefield advantage at any level. We are all behind you right now, but I guarantee that if you bring pride and a championship caliber team back to the Northwest, you will earn our respect and admiration.

    Bring back the Seahawk pride, Coach.
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  • Coach Pete,

    I live in Boise, Idaho where another Coach Pete has had great success with the Boise State Football Program. I can only hope you bring the same enthusiam and results with your tenure as the Head Coach of our Seattle Seahawks. You can be absolutely sure that the 12th Man will be in your corner and giving you all the support we can. Please do your best to give us a reason to keep believing and supporting your and the team's efforts! Just find the way to WIN! We always know it's there for the taking, just bring it on home for us!

    Make us Proud Again!

    Johnny Mac
    Boise, Idaho
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  • Dear Pete,

    Please fix the lines, both of them. Dear god fix them. Looking forward to seeing what you can do and I hope you hire great assistant coaches because your success or failure will depend on them. Good luck.

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  • Dear Coach,

    Welcome to Seattle and welcome aboard as the leader of our beloved Seahawks. I am very confident that the heart and fire that you bring to us will translate to success in the pro arena. I can't wait for the opening game next season so you can experience the 12th man in person, you are gonna love it.

    Lookin forward to the future and the achievment of dreams.
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  • Hey, Coach.


    Best of luck.

    Don't screw it up.

    Now get to work.

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  • Dear Coach Carroll,

    Like Mr. Allen, I too would like to WIN FROM NOW ON. Please make that happen. You have my support.

    A life-long Seahawk fan,
    Jason C.
    Round Rock, TX
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  • Signed.

    Happy to have you.

    Don't dissapoint. I'm confident that you won't!
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  • Dear Coach Carroll,

    Please do what you promised and turn this team around!

    Welcome to Seattle (A.K.A. Southern Alaska).
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  • Pete Carroll,
    I'm hoping you bring an attacking defense to Seattle. Ever since the Erickson years, our defense has mostly played a 'bend but don't break' style. I for one would love to see that changed to, 'go for broke,' even at the end of tight games.

    I'd like for you to separate this franchise from the NFL, in that we'd be known for something distinctive.

    Hopefully, your coaching staff's game preparation will be so thorough as to be on the level of Belichik.

    You've got a real player in Forsett, as he is out there giving it his all on every play. I'd encourage you to give Rankin a look as well.

    While Hasselbeck may be your interim QB, I'd encourage you to draft someone with a rocket arm; someone who is a threat to go vertical on every down. If you traded one of this year's 1st round picks to gain another pick next year; that might be a way for you to be able to bargain for the Locker pick in the next off-season. Another QB you might want to look at - for this year's draft - is the guy from Idaho. You can never have too much QB depth.

    Hopefully, your drafts aren't based upon any kind of hype or pedigree, but on a player's ability to actually perform at the next level.

    As fans, we're counting on you to know your given roster inside an out, so you can mask the players' weaknesses and play to their individual strengths.

    I loved what you did at USC.

    As Seahawk grand poobah, may your in-game adjustments, and play execution be superior to those of your opponent; week in and week out.

    Thanks for listening,
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  • Welcome to Seattle, Coach!

    Being a fan of the Seattle Seahawks since I can remember, all I've ever wanted for our team is the ultimate respect of being a champion. With the last couple of years being what they have been, that goal seems out of sight. Well, the 12th Man has never given up on that goal here "somewhere in Northern Alaska" as its been called. Help us get our respect Coach!

    Best of luck Coach Carroll!

    Just one of the many '12th Man'
    Dustin - DHawk of .NET
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  • Dear Coach Carrol,

    Thanks for getting me excited about Seahawks football again!!
    Good luck!! I'm really looking forward to watchin' the journey back to the top!!
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  • I wrote a haiku..

    Dear Mr. Carroll,
    Success now depends on you,
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  • Well Coach I'm ready to be shown a team that is moving all together in the same direction.

    And we will all greet you for the first game. If you've not been here you can't possibly imagine how loud we can make it.

    Until then,,

    The Radish
    The Radish
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  • Coach-

    Please, please, please. Please instill in this team the ability to win on the road. Just like you stuck it to the Buckeyes at the Shoe this year, thats the kind of big game I wish the Seahawks could win away from Qwest. The complete lack of competitive spirit permeating through this franchise when we travel to the East coast is quite frankly embarassing. Welcome aboard and as an avid follower of Seahawks forums, I can assure you there is a solid fanbase giving you 110% of their support through this transition.
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  • Coach Pete

    Please fix my broken team.

    We need some playoff games.

    Lets get a win in the green jerseys.


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  • Coach,

    The 12th Man is ready for "Prime Time" Sir, we are reporting for duty and ready to rock.

    Matt, Kirkland,WA :icon_new:
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  • Coach,

    Welcome to Seattle. I love the energy you bring.

    The players need direction. Be hard on them and make them live up to our expectations. Build a team of winners.

    Bring the magic back to Qwest.
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  • Coach Carroll,

    As a man that has been a Seahawks fan in Seattle since there have been Seahawks I would like to say, Welcome to the Northwest, Welcome to this City, Welcome to this team. I've been buzzing with excitement since the first rumors started swirling about the possibility that you would be joining us here, and that sense of excitment over the possibilities of this era only amplified exponentially when I watched your first press conference here this morning. The energy and enthusiasm you exude is infectious, and it is impossible for me not to have high hopes for the new era your arrival launches in Seattle. I truly hope that your supporters are rewarded and detractors swayed when the wins start accruing next season.

    I appreciate your shout out to the fans and promise you that you will feel that shout out returned in ways you cannot yet imagine come next September. I'm looking forward to what your future with the Seahawks brings, and I most assuredly look forward to working with you from my perch in Section 319 of Qwest Field for years to come.


    Kevin O.
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  • Coach Carroll,

    Welcome to the Seahawks. I'm a life long Seahawk fan stuck on the East coast. The 12th man covers the globe. Regardless of the team's record the 12th man brings the passion and the noise to every game. All we ask is that you and the players do the same. You are now part of an incredible family and you will have our support.

    See you on Sundays!

    Bill Thompson
    Reston, VA
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  • Coach Carroll,

    Welcome to the greatest franchise that nobody knows about.

    I jest; for all that this team is largely shunned by the rest of the league/country, the Seattle Seahawks are the pride and joy of not only Seattle, but they're the de facto NFL home team for Portland OR and Vancouver BC (that's in Canada, eh). I know there are giant fan bases in Idaho and Wyoming, as well as Alberta and Saskachewan (also Canada) who have adopted the `Hawks as their home team as well.

    The fan base that you inherit stretches far beyond the borders of WA state. Seahawk nation is large and diverse. You have an incredible amount of support and good Mojo in your corner as well as the unbridled fury of the legendary 12th man. We believe in you and are looking forward to what the future holds. What our future with you holds.

    Please take care of our franchise. We look forward to you taking us to the promised land!

    Best of luck,

    Eric Peters
    Vancouver, BC
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  • Coach Carroll,

    By now you have experienced the VMAC, and found that it exceeded your expectations, even exceeded what had been told to you by Tod Leiweke. You are in for a similar experience at Qwest Field. The facility is wonderful. We are proud of our reputation as noise-making, decibel-raising, false-start-producing fans, but nothing cranks up the juice quite like winning. If you do your part, bring together a phenomenal staff, get the players to play at the top of their game, and bring a winning product on to the field, we will do our part and provide a deafening cacophony when you need it.

    In the 2007 Wildcard game against the Redskins, coach Joe Gibbs said the Seattle crowd got so loud that his team "could not hear the QB in the huddle! That's a heck of an advantage." It's now your advantage.

    Good luck!

    Chris Brose
    Arlington, WA
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  • Coach Carroll,

    Welcome to the great Pac Northwest! You've got the facilities, fans and ownership to create a winning franchise. The VMAC is outstanding, and you'll soon find out that Qwest Field is one of the loudest fields in the league, if not the loudest. We Seahawks fans have seen all ends of the spectrum, and it's always been a roller coaster ride. Now let's see what you can do with it.

    As a fan, I am guardedly optimistic about the Carroll Era. I love the enthusiasm and passion you show. I've really liked what you've said so far in the press conferences and interviews. Hopefully you'll be able to take your experience and expertise and transfer it to not only winning, but creating a winning attitude in Seattle. Be the disciplinarian you need to be and your players will respond. I have no fear you will attack this job with all the passion and drive necessary to get the job done.

    Again, welcome to Seattle and best of luck! We'll be cheering for you!
    Seahawk Sailor
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  • Dear Coach,

    First of all, welcome to Seattle and welcome to the Seahawks. I wish you many years of success and fulfillment in your career.

    If you are catching up with the history of this team and its fans, maybe by reading Then Zorn Said to Largent or Notes from a Twelve Man then you know that up until 5 or 10 years ago, we were a humble team with a relatively small but vocal fanbase. Tucked away here in South Alaska (or Egypt), we enjoyed the Sunday gameday rituals without much thought about what the rest of the NFL or country thought of us and didn't have many dreams other than defeating the Raiders (later the Rams) and slapping John Elway in his big, horse-toothed face. Then, under Mike Holmgren, the man who's shoes you are filling, we got a taste for success and national exposure at a level we had never experienced before. Since then, we have become greedy, hungry for all of that to happen again -- not just in some distant year but every year. Luckily, we have an owner that not only feels that need but shares it as well and so here you are.

    My hope is that you will be too busy to read or care what the fans or the media think, but you are coming from LA where you had to become, if not a master of the media, then at least accepting of it's glare. Understand that you will now be in a place of anonymity, except if things go badly. We fans ride an emotional rollercoaster from play-to-play, from game-to-game, from announcement-to-announcement. We take every slight from the local and national media, both real and perceived, very seriously for you so you can stay above or away from all of that nonsense. The media, with its need to fill hundreds of channels and stations 24 hours a day, has lost its objectivity and rants and rails about everything with the composure of a tween Twilight blogger. We, the fans, will read, absorb and rail against it for you.

    Sometime this week, I urge you head to the stadium and walk around, learn the names on the Ring of Honor, watch the looping video of people raising the "12" flag, view the fans' game ball that was awarded to us after the Giants had
    eleven false starts one crazy afternoon too far away. The energy and passion that all of those things represent are yours now - to help you through the tough times, to help you through the days when you are burning the candle at both ends, to motivate your players, or whatever you need it for.

    Best wishes,
    Garth Riley
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  • Lets get this goin' Pete, we're behind ya 100% prove those doubters wrong!
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  • Hey Pete! Go Fight Hawks baby!

    As someone who actually was diagnosed at an early age for having a mild case of ADD, we should go ride bikes!!! Lol, joking, it aint that bad. But I was reading an article where you were praising your un-diagnosed disorder and crediting it to your success as a Head Coach. Rock on I dig that, you can always turn something that runs against you around and into the direction you're trying to go.
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  • Hey, Pete. What up.
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