how the seahawks can beat the Pats in week 6

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  • eek 6: How the Seahawks Can Beat The Patriots

    The Seahawks are coming off a strong win against the panthers, a game in which the Seahawks D once again showed that they are a top 3 caliber defense. The defense is going to have to maintain its high level of play with the New England Patriots coming to Seattle if the Seahawks have any hope of pulling off the upset win at home.

    It's no secret that Seattle has one of the best secondaries in the NFL today (and according to Richard Sherman) Two of the best corner-backs in football. They are going to have to live up to that standard if they expect to stop Tom Brady and his high powered offense. The secondary, especially the safeties, are going to have watch the deep threat that Wes Welker and Brandon Lloyd present on the outside.Kam chancellor is not quite fast enough to win a race against either of those two so he needs to stay behind his man and be ready to jump on short throws. The Seahawks d line should be able to impose its will on the patriots running game by getting pressure up the middle forcing the ball carrier to the outside where he can meet either Big red Bryant (immovable wall) or the red hot Chris Clemmons (unstoppable force). I also expect to see Bruce"Almighty"Irvin continue his impressive play, the patriots tackles will have their hands full trying to stop the speedy D end out of WVU. And if Bobby Wagner can carry on his strong performances of the past few weeks, watch out Brady because this defense is crushing elite QBs.

    All that is fine and well but without production from the offense this team is bound to spudder and stall. Russell Wilson has kept the Seahawks in every game so far this season, but he has missed to many opportunities on big plays, granted a few have been brought back because of stupid penalties ( giacomini forfeited 81 yards to penalties in the first quarter against Carolina) but Golden Tate has been open numerous times with YAC available without getting the ball thrown his way. If Russell and Golden get on the same page they will be a scary duo to deal with and will be able to take big chunks out against the Patriots D. SCORE TOUCHDOWNS you may be able to win a game with a field goal, but your not going to keep up with this patriots offense unless you can capitalize on opportunities and score, on offense, defense, and/or special teams. You're going to need points to beat the patriots.
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  • The most crucial matchup a will be against Welker in slot and Gronk.
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  • NE is gonna score some points. We need to play OUR game, and not get caught up in trying to out NE, NE. Treat damn near every offensive play as a run down. Run straight at them. Slow the game down to a snails pace to limit their possesions.
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  • Good time for us to get the offense really cranking. I'd like to see at least 27 points like we scored against Dallas.

    Need to pay attention to the Pats running game too - they have it going.
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  • With NE Pats quick pace offense, it is going to be tough getting the run-stoppers off and the DL pass rushers on the field. The defensive coaches are going to have to have their calls ready quickly and the 12th man is going to be taxed to keep up the noise on Brady and company. Would not surprise me to see our big horses trapped on the field on obvious passing downs. Red, Branch, McDonald and Mebane will be getting gassed hustling off the field and I can see blown coverages happening if the pace gets too hectic.

    The offense needs to put up long sustained drives because unlike most games where 120 total snaps for both teams offenses is the norm, the Patriots could push this to 150 total snaps unless the Seahawks' offense can stretch the game out. I would not expect to see anything different from what they did the past few weeks unless Brady and Co explodes early. Plus the Patriots defense, though young, has quality players on each level and most likely are better than they were a year ago. Will be looking at the past 4 weeks of the Pats on Game Rewind (not sure how much Dan Dierdorf or Tom Criqui I can take).
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