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    First about KC but then a long an good write up about adderall. Then a teaser that Tuesday column will have a long write-up about RW. Didn't see this posted but let me know if I missed it. Will update with Tuesday write up when I see it
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  • Here's my comment about Adderall from what I gather from that article. PED's and "recreational drugs" are treated separately as far as suspensions. So maybe Sherm is going on the angle that Adderall is a rec thing and not a PED? If he wins that case (and from what I read -- in just that article -- IMHO -- there is a strong case,) there will be no suspensions.

    The NFL tests separately for performance-enhancing drugs, including steroids, and for other banned substances, like recreational drugs. The threshold for punishment is far different too.

    PEDs, including steroids: Every player is tested some time during training camp or preseason game weeks. Then 10 players per team, per week are tested randomly as long as a team's season lasts. The first positive test for a player results in a four-game suspension and loss of salary for those four weeks. A second positive test means a year ban with no pay.

    Other recreational drugs: Every player is tested annually between April and August. If a player tests negative, that's his only test of the year. If he tests positive, he enters the substance-abuse program and can be tested up to 10 times a month, randomly, for the next two years. A second positive test results in no suspension but a fine equaling four game checks. A third positive test results in a four-game suspension without pay. A fourth positive test means a year ban without pay -- and the player must apply to be reinstated to the league.

    IMHO, if you call Adderall a PED...then you MUST ALSO call caffeine a PED!!!
    A friend at NBC, a young producer, told me his four freshman-year college roommates all took Adderall before tests and to focus while studying, even though none had prescriptions to do so.

    (I'm sure this is discussed elsewhere...just haven't taken my PED for the morning to focus on finding them... :lol:)
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  • Read this yesterday...

    Article seriously overestimates the impact of Adderall. As you said, its a heightened version of Caffeine.

    But, if the NFL has banned it then it doesnt matter. Article also mentions that Adderall users must have a preexisting prescription approved by the NFL.
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  • I've been diagnosed with ADD tmyself and have taken adderall and ritalin. Adderall is much more hardcore. I remember when I was on that medication I would kick ass and scorch everyone. Now maybe it's because I'm naturally really talented with laser-sharp focus and cat-like reflexes and I just needed the medication to bring it out, but I believe it is a performance enhancement.

    Several of the highest performers at my job have prescriptions to adderall. I always call them out on it because I know all the signs of somebody doped up on it. They always look surprised and it's pretty funny.

    I switched to Ritalin because adderall caused too many smoking cravings and I hated the fact that it completely changed me as a person.
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