Roy Lewis working out today in Kirkland

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Roy Lewis working out today in Kirkland
Wed Dec 05, 2012 11:01 am
  • Good depth move

    @ChrisEgan5: Former Hawks and Huskies cornerback Roy Lewis had a workout with the #Seahawks @KING5Sports
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  • Makes sense, he knows the team and scheme and has familiarity.

    Good special teamer also.
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  • I think Ron Parker is also working out for the hawks according to his twitter.

    it makes sense. We are gonna be losing Sherm and BB soon.

    I like Roy lewis in the nickel and Thurm can play outside
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  • Renton I would think, not Kirkland
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  • Love that guy. I was sad when he didn't make the roster, but I figured that meant great things were coming from Maxwell, Lane, etc.
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  • Oops yes Renton. Maybe Trufant to DL? He is struggling to stay healthy with minimal playing time
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  • SeahawksFanForever wrote:I think Ron Parker is also working out for the hawks according to his twitter.

    Being discussed here, viewtopic.php?f=2&t=58296, Hawks are also working out QB Josh Johnson. We're working out errybody!
    Tru2RedNGold25 wrote:Us as Niners fan have every right to rep Niners all day everyday when we have the hardware to back it up do can u guys say that???

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  • I would love to have Lewis back for depth. He was amazing on STs and was decent when he had to come in on D.

    I was bummed when we let him go.
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  • Nice, get Roy back in there.
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  • didnt roy lew not make the roster because he needed knee surgery? if he's already recovered from that then this is the great news. he would've done a better job than tru playing nickel.
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  • I am wondering if there is going to be a drop of both appeals very shortly.

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  • Good to hear Roy would be back in the fold if we're going to be without half the boom for a while. He was pretty good as a nickel IIRC.
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  • Bringing back Roy would be a very solid move for us. He was really good in the nickle for us last year.
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  • hopefully One of them outperforms Tru. WT3 looked good last year before the injury so im not to worried there. Nice to see Roy around again hope he sticks.
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