None of y'all want to go to the MAACO bowl?

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  • Looks like you could get tickets pretty easily. UW has only sold 4,000 of their 11,000. Boise State has only sold 3,100. Good, cheap tickets probably available!!! ... all12.html

    And its not just a maaco bowl problem. Sounds like Oregon is not selling a ton of tickets to the fiesta bowl either while K State has already sold their allotment and asked for another 4,000.
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  • Give me a free ticket and pay for my flight and hotel, I'll go. That's just too much to spend for the MAACO Bowl of all things.
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  • I am going! Section 107,
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  • Wish I could have made room to go to the game. Great location for a bowl game (as in, who gives a crud about the game -- let's get hammered in Vegas).
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  • SonicHawk wrote:Wish I could have made room to go to the game. Great location for a bowl game (as in, who gives a crud about the game -- let's get hammered in Vegas).

    That's how WSU felt about playing UNLV this year, thus, huge turnout.
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  • I wish I could go, that would be sweet! Party in Vegas and watch the game. Win win!
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  • I'd go if I felt up to it for sure. The Huskies don't make it around here much. Thankfully they'll be playing Utah regularly so I'll get to see them, but it used to be about once every five years they'd come play BYU and put on a good show. It's always a fun game to watch.

    One thing I'll say that is the big undoing of the Vegas bowl is that the stadium is an absolute turd. It is the worst stadium known to mankind.

    There has been talk for years of one of the casinos being willing to build a stadium that will seat 100,000 and will be suited for the NCAA Final four, professional baseball, and pro and college football, and they will let UNLV play there, as well as host a bowl game. The only hold up is that the NCAA has said "no thanks" and the NFL has said they will NOT allow a team to play in Las Vegas.

    There was a time when the Vegas folks thought they had the Cardinals in the bag and were going to take the Padres as well, but both deals fell through with the building of Petco Park and the University of Phoenix stadium.

    My cousin is a bigwig in Vegas and showed me some of the architectural mockups of the stadium and the place was incredible. This was probably over ten years ago, and even then it put the Cowboys new digs to shame.

    Sam Boyd doesn't have a real road even running to it, and the parking lot is just rutted gravel. The playing surface sucks and has ruined many a knee (ask Itula Mili about his last game in Vegas and literally having his leg ripped in half and it was only being held on by skin). The seating is awful, as it is just a bowl of bleachers all the way around.

    It's time for somebody to build a stadium that is worth a damn in that town. My cousin was pretty miffed it didn't go through, as he has made a fortune buying up land where certain things were going to end up. For example, he bought all of these slum houses and vacant lots where he figured the freeway across town that splits off of I-15 would run. Wouldn't you know it... he was right and the state bought all of the houses and lots from him to run the road. Lots of people passing info around there it seems, but I guess that's what happens when you insure every major casino and car dealership in the valley (which he did for over 30 years and still collects a monthly stipend on each account he had when he retired from State Farm). But he also bought a large chunk of land that was set aside for one possible dome site that was going to be publicly funded and was at the interchange between where the 15 splits off to head to Phoenix. He sold that land off after that stadium deal fell through, and now that is the site of the World Market (you'll know it if you've been there) and the outlet mall on the north end of town. He sold it before those projects came to be or he'd be rolling in even more dough.

    Interesting town. I'd suggest going to the game if you've never been there just to see what the town is all about. It's the only place I've ever been where I've been banned for life from multiple buildings for mouthing off. Yeah, f you Gold Coast... and the Rio. You both know I was right. But it's also funny when you're driving down the street and the guy next to you is driving a pretty nice car, putting on his Palace Station Casino uniform, talking on the phone AND smoking a crack pipe all at the same time. Where else in America, or the world even can you be treated to such amazing sights? Nowhere. God Bless America!
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  • I used to visit Vegas about 6 times a year when I lived within driving distance and I'll echo Shark's comments about Sam Boyd Stadium. It's a total shithole. Vegas is a damned fun place to play though.
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  • Id probably go if it were after Christmas...oh well
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