Just realized deon butler was actually at the game

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  • If you look at the players on the sideline after lynch's touchdown, you see him sitting right next to lynch. wearing a grey shirt (tryna match with the team lol). this guy has ET speed, as a reciever, i hope they actually use him this time.
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  • if anyone could thread that needle it would be Russell "Tremendous" Wilson...
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  • Deon's speed doesn't see to show up on the field. I understand that he can't out physical a defender to get open. A smaller dude like him needs to use explosiveness to beat his guy, but he doesn't seem to have that either. I'm pretty sure his speed shows on a stop watch when running in a straight line with no pads, but I don't think he has much 'football seed.' To read that he beat Engram's reception record at Penn State kinda baffles me.
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  • It's hard to know whether Deon has even reached his potential yet in the NFL. He was just starting to look like maybe he was getting it going when he had that severe leg break late in his sophomore season.
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  • I wish Deon the best, and I can get over the small size or lack of physical play, but my big issue with him has always been his body-catching style. If he were a strong 'snatch the ball out the air' player like Rice - Deon is probably an NFL player. But, a small body frame and body catching means that he's a non-factor in traffic.
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  • Butlers a stud. The more receivers available the better. Give Wilson a target rich environment and watch Harbaugh gouge his own eyes out with that GD sharpie!

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