Sarkisian's name gaining steam in NFL talks

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  • There was a tweet linking him to Philly - and now an article on PFT. I think he'd be a DYNAMO NFL HC. He reminds me alot of Sean Payton.
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  • Yeah but there is also ammo to say he stays based on new stadium, his team is now completly assembled from his guys and with Oregon going down the sanction road a chance to elevate the Huskies to a national stage again. Doing that he will garner a much better package if he chooses to make the step to the NFL. Also in that article it said the RTaiders gig left a bad taste in his mouth and that coaching kids is more rewarding. He turned down the Rams interview last year also. I would think the situation would have to be one of a ownership that isn't always tampering and will let him be a coach and assemble a team that fits his style.
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  • I am not surprised. Sark is more of an NFL type coach than a college coach. Pete Carroll is running away with the coach of the year vote last I saw and Sark was Pete's biggest disciple at USC, so there could be a "coattails" factor. Also, what he accomplished UW inheriting a 0-12 team is actually pretty impressive, no matter how much we've come to take 7-6 seasons for granted.

    Something tells me that he won't be going to the NFL this offseason. But if UW finishes with 9 or 10 wins next year (very possible) and Carroll has the Seahawks as the #1 seed in the NFC, I think he'd be about as hot a commodity as Chip Kelly currently is, even if Kelly deserves it more. I think a lot of people will look at Sark as a chance to hire the next Pete Carroll.

    I have to wonder how many offers Saban has heard in the past month?
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  • Yeah, it seems a bit soon for Sark to move up. Could happen, but I think he needs a couple of seasons more at UW to really make his name.
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  • Doesn't seam to me like he would be that hot a commodity. He just hasn't made Washington a top 25 team yet. Why would an NFL team want him at this point?
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  • I actually agree, that he'll stay at least one more year. I'm a Husky fan, but I'm also a huge Sark fan. He is very much taken for granted here, so it was nice to see a lil perspective from outside.
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