Preface: Matt H. was my favorite Hawk QB ever....

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  • Let me just preface any thoughts I'm about to give with this fact. Matt H. is my favorite Hawks QB ever. He was a winner, a leader, a great teammate, wonderful to fans, media, and all who asked anything of him. He represented the city so well. He treated his teammates like his family. I remember reading the story of what he did for Dilfer and as a father myself really just couldn't help but lose it and cry. It was touching and thoughtful and everything that is right about the man that Matt is. I can't say enough good about how he handled his time in Seattle. I will never forget him leading team workouts for the Hawks, knowing full well that they had rescinded their offer and were going in another direction, but he saw that Charlie wasn't going to do it, and he stepped up and organized it and got what would be his former team ready for the season. Matt's selfless act helped put this team into position for this season by creating some accountability and prepping the team for last year.

    I again can't express enough what he means to me on so many levels. I will always have a picture of Matt hanging up somewhere in my home in his Hawks uni, just as I do of Shaun Alexander, Cortez, Kenny Easley, and many others. He is a legend.

    But I just have to say this and I feel bad saying so. There is no way on God's Green Earth that he wins that game yesterday. I'm sorry, but I just don't see it. Despite Griffin's injury and everything else, I see Matt getting upset during the first quarter, trying to do too much, getting loose with the ball and the Redskins defense putting some points on the board and squeaking away (or more). Matt won many games for us, and did it in style. I loved him for his tenacious play and ability to get everything he could out of his team, but he had a tremendous tendency to get rattled, particularly in situations like we saw yesterday in the first quarter and then he would attempt to do too much. The Redskins defense is good. Let's not forget that. They only allowed 24 points yesterday. I just have a feeling that Matt would not have won that game, and in fact would have made some fatal miscues that would have cost us the game.

    Do I think any less of him or like him any less because of his tendency to play that way? Absolutely not. Because he played well above and beyond what anybody predicted of him too. He was an even lower round draft pick than Russell and people doubted him throughout his entire career. He embodies to me what it's all about to be a Seahawk. He was always the underdog and never gave up. He came to play every game. But I'm afraid yesterday's results would have been different with Matt. Now, if we're talking the five years ago Matt, I think he wins. He had a similar situation against the Redskins in the playoffs five years ago and he stayed steady and weathered the storm. Trufant had a huge pick and we ended up squeaking on through, but I guess what I'm really trying to say, is that the Seahawks made the right move by letting a known quantity (and a really great one for our franchise at that) walk away, have our transition year last year, and this year go into camp with a 3 headed QB battle. It was a brilliant move, and I give all the credit in the world to John Schneider and Pete Carroll, but most importantly to Russell Wilson. It starts at the top, and Russ has the same demeanor as one coach on our sideline... not Bevell.... not even Pete.... but in Tom Cable. Just totally calm. Never looks concerned. Looks around with complete confidence and does his job. So I've gone a few different directions here, but I think the coaching staff and front office did right and that we walked out of Washington yesterday with a victory due to the fact that the braintrust was willing to take a step back for a year in order to take two leaps forward.

    Great planning and execution, even when half of the fan base (or more) were calling for Pete's head and claiming he had no plan. Maybe he didn't... but it worked anyway, and we're going to play the #1 seed in 6 days. Win or lose... we're on the right track.
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    I said basically the same thing in another post. Hass is a Seahawks legend. I hope we hire him for one game when he retires so he can go out a Seahawk and we put him in the Ring of Honor.

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