Country singer Mindy McCready dead from apparent suicide

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  • Wow. Her life sounds like it was a real shitstorm.
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  • Was she the gal that was dating Roger Clemens?
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  • sammyc521 wrote:Was she the gal that was dating Roger Clemens?

    Yep. When she was like 16 and he was 30ish, or something along those lines.
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  • Sad. I first learned about her on Celebrity Rehab. Sad, sad. She seemed awfully broken then. Seemed like a nice person with just a shitstorm of a life. Hope she finds peace on the other side.

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  • The kids are now orphans and that is the most sad part. And why is a person with all of those problems in possesion of a gun with infants present?

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  • Dog killer.
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