Reminder.. Season Tix payment due by 3/1

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Reminder.. Season Tix payment due by 3/1
Thu Feb 28, 2013 7:54 pm
  • After agonizing for weeks over whether to renew, I decided to a couple weeks ago. Then nearly forgot to actually do it.

    Payments technically due today folks so square yourselves away folks if you havent (though I suspect its an artificial due date).

    And before anyone calls me crazy for agonizing over renewal this year.. I have a baby (son) due May 28th, I opened a sports bar in Akasaka in December as a side business, Im one year behind on a book Ive been contracted to write, I have 18 months worth of field work projects requested over the next 9 months.... so Im not sure if I can actually, you know, make it anymore.
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  • I made mine yesterday, just under the gun. I love the 4 payment plan, no way in hell could I ever come up with all that dough at once. Hopefully you'll be able to keep going for years to come.
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  • Anyone who is willing to give a season ticket holder, especially you veta, a hard time for not immediately re-upping their ticket is lacking in brain capacity.

    We all express our fandom in different ways and for anyone to judge that based off of whether or not you have the disposable income to spend on football tickets is ill conceived.

    As always, I wish you the best and hope you can make it to training camp in the late summer.

    I just re-upped my single ticket. haven't even checked to see if my friends did too.
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  • Vet- good year to sell your tickets too.. face value/scalped whatever you decide.. should not be difficult to unload at all..

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