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.net being high jacked

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.net being high jacked
Mon Jul 13, 2015 6:39 pm
  • several times over the last couple of weeks when if go the .net a new tab appears titled totalperformance and another one called pcwindows that wants me to call a number to fix my "pc issues" that I don't have.

    Has anyone else had this happen to them while log into .net?
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Re: .net being high jacked
Tue Jul 14, 2015 8:34 am
  • Sounds like you have some malware on your computer. There are quite a few free malware scanners that you might want to try and see if it helps. I use malware bytes. I've used the free version many times and found it to work great. Here's a link. Others may chime in with other programs. Several out there that should do the trick, but this is the one I use. There is a premium version, but just download the free version and run it. 90% of the time in situations similar to these, it finds and cleans out the problem.

    Here's the link:
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Re: .net being high jacked
Sat Aug 15, 2015 10:15 pm
  • I use this on my android phone, and it seems fine.
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