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False Positive User Bannings

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False Positive User Bannings
Mon Oct 07, 2013 7:48 am
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    There are instances when a user will attempt to log on to Seahawks.NET and receive a message that their IP Address has been banned. Sometimes this is a real banning, other times it is merely that that user is now using an IP Address that has been used by a user that was previously banned. This is most common for users that are accessing Seahawks.NET via a cell phone connection. Our monthly average of unique visitors is about 550,000. Of those 550,000 unique users, about 35% are using a cell phone which is releasing and renewing its IP Address many MANY times throughout the day, so as you might guess, the chances of you getting an IP address that was used by someone else that was previously banned is actually quite good. All IP Address bannings will also be accompanied by a Username banning. A Username banning will generate an email to the email address registered by the Username that is being banned. If your receive a message telling you that your IP Address has been banned, and you know for sure it's a mistake, treat it as such. Check your email for a Username banning (don't forget to check your SPAM folders) to verify that a temporary ban was not placed on your Username and then send an email to so we are made aware of the situation and we can remedy it. Please take note of the fact that Seahawks.NET is staffed by people who volunteer their time and effort to keep this place the best Seahawks fan site on the internet. Letting your emotions get the better of you when emailing the owner, the admin staff, or the moderator staff will not help in getting the situation remedied.
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