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It's The Apple Cup Week Trash Talk Thread.

Discuss your thoughts about anything College Football or NFL draft. Recruiting, Projections, and Mock drafts, Etc. LANGUAGE: PG-13
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    I don't think you truly recall how bad 2008 was. The Cougars finished 2-11. The Huskies finished 0-12.

    Please don't remind me of that year. Went to every single home game and stayed to the end as is our family tradition.

    Even though the cougs won two games and Huskies zero, WSU was voted the worst team in college football that year and one of the worst in the BCS era. The huskies were voted the 5th worst in the BCS era but it would be hard for me to see any difference between the two.

    Hate to say it, buy I think the cougs have a good shot at winning this Apple Cup.

    I have some inside info on the moral of the team but I won't mention any specifics here/now. ... ms-bcs-era

    We gave up 67 to UCLA.

    I truly believe the Coug's D will make Jacob Eason look like a Heisman contender.

    100% concur, sadly. Plus Lake owns Leach like no one else in CFB

    "Plus Lake owns Leach like no one else in CFB"

    That's really the key, the Cougs have always been able to score at will all season until they play the Huskies.

    I thought they had a "shot" at winning this Apple Cup and they did with this being our weakest team of the last few years but our superior recruiting always shows up.

    Still think Leach does more with less better than just about any coach in America. I am a little disappointed in him with his rant at the press conference though. Was hoping for some good humor, he wasn't in the mood for it. I will give him a pass though because it just shows his competitive spirit.

    Even though I have enjoyed the win streak it would be nice to have a little more drama attached to it. Still, being fortunate to be at the game with all the pageantry that is college football is a blast.

    Because: IT'S GREAT TO BE A HUSKY!!!
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