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Mock Draft: Seattle Seahawks

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Mock Draft: Seattle Seahawks
Fri Feb 14, 2020 10:16 am
  • Introduction: In an effort to capitalize on the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl hype, I’ve looked at a draft that would allow Seattle to restructure into an offensively driven team built to play with a lead in the vein of the Kansas City Chiefs.

    As a brief disclaimer: No I don’t think this will happen. I’ve had ten years with Pete Carroll and John Schneider to know that going high octane offense just isn’t in their MO. Now, that doesn’t mean I’m against Pete’s philosophy. I feel like he’s proven you can win with his style. But I do wonder if he’d ever be willing to be more flexible after watching his defense let him down over and over in big moments throughout the 2019 season.

    Second disclaimer: I’ll admit I went a little too Madden with this mock. But constantly projecting trade backs doesn’t really fulfill the spirit of Mock Season. I think all possibilities are fun to explore, even when you step back and go “Yeah… That’ll never happen.”

    So yes, this one was more fun than serious, but I hope it throws out some interesting FA names and Draft prospects.

    Assumption 1: The Seahawks big players in FA, but not in the way we might expect. First, Seattle resigns Clowney prior to the season for a contract comparable to Khalil Mack. They then go out and sign Shaq Lawson, Everson Griffen (if he is released), Leonard Williams, while retaining QJeff and Reed. (If anyone wants to know where I get rough numbers on market values it: ... sive-line/

    That may not seem super exciting to some but Lawson, Williams, Clowney, Reed, and QJeff are still in their mid-twenties with room to grow. I feel like these signings may not be big splashes like Fowler/Quinn/Yannick but you’re making Clowney your star and building around him with guys that can give you 6+ sacks a year. With Lawson/Griffen/Williams thats [Sacks/QB Hits]: 7/18, 8/24, 1/16. So imagine passing downs where you can have Lawson/Reed/Williams/Cowney.

    I’m not sure any of these guys hit FA and I’m not sure that spotrac is all that accurate with market value, but a scenario like this reminds me of what Seattle did with Avril/Bennett. Guys still reaching their peak, not guys at their peak.

    This will cost Seattle Ifedi and possibly KJ but Seattle does retain Hunt, Fant, Hollister.

    Assumption 2: In search of an elite TE, Seattle trades pick 59 (earlier 2nd rounder) to Tampa for OJ Howard. This is fairly wishful thinking, but I think it depends where Austin Hooper goes and how deep Howard is in Arian’s dog house. But Howard never has lived up to his draft hype, so is there a situation where this is possible? Maybe.

    Assumption 3: Seattle Trades their 1st and two 4ths to move up from 27 to 23 (Similar compensation to what GB gave Seattle last year when they traded up for Savage). This leaves them with: 23, 64, 100, 162, 213.

    Alright, on to the picks:

    1st Round - Pick 23: Laviska Shenault Jr, WR, Colorado

    I was talking to a friend of mine a little while ago about the WRs in this year's class and he compared Shenault to Percy Harvin. I like that comparison, even if I think Shenault is a more natural receiver than Percy was.

    I really like Shenault and I think the NFL will become more infatuated with him as the process goes on. I think if he tests well at the combine he may not even be available with this type of trade up. But, with a draft class as deep at WR as this one, it’s possible that teams will overdraft another position thinking they’ll take their WR in round 2. So I think it’s possible we get Shenault.

    Also, what can I really say about the guy that this board hasn’t already said? He’s got his fans already. But what I will say, is that I think he can have the biggest Year-One impact of any WR in the class. Mainly because you don’t need him to learn your system to help you out. There’s ways he wins now that will translate to the NFL. Have him run short crossing routes, screens, jet sweeps, etc and his athletic ability will translate day one. He’ll have your typical rookie struggles, but he’s a weapon the defense immediately has to respect.

    So in this scenario… Russell “Star Starved” Wilson is going into the season with: Tyler Lockett, DK Metcalf, Laviska Shenault Jr, OJ Howard, Will Dissly, Chris Casron, Rashaad Penny and [See Below]. How’s that for a KC inspired high octane offense?

    Normally I put highlights or cut ups of a player at the bottom of each pick, but I like Matt Waldman and he did a really nice breakdown of Shenault this week that I figured I’d share.

    2nd Round - Pick 32: Isaiah Wilson, OT, Georgia

    I would say this is too low for Wilson (which I seem to do a lot) and I wouldn’t mind Seattle packaging a third and moving up to secure him in this scenario, but if I did that, it would mean a 4 player draft class--which is as anti-JS as I can imagine.

    As for Wilson--I’ve been watching a lot of EDGE prospects in this year’s class and if they play Georgia, that’s the first game I watch. Both Wilson and Thomas are NFL players in my opinion and if an EDGE prospect can win against them, I think they can win against an NFL tackle. I think Wilson’s strength and movement are great and he will straight stonewall guys once he gets his hands on them. I think he can struggle to recover if he’s beaten off the ball, but he can slot into Ifedi’s spot day one and fill in fine.

    Plus… Wilson blocking Wilson.

    3rd Round - Pick 36 K’Von Wallace, S, Clemson

    Wallas reminds me of a player similar to Ugo Amadi and I’m fine with that. More competition at the Nickel Corner spot which is a spot on the roster that is dangerously lacking in depth.

    Similar to Amadi, I think he’s a player that is quicker than he is fast and relies heavily on his instincts to win. There’s a Tedric Thompson to his game as well but I don’t think he’s that disappointing of an athlete.

    Given the scenario above, I think secondary becomes the shallow part of the roster, and in a draft lacking in Safety depth, I think you can do worse than Wallace.

    I’ll add that there are players I like more here, but in an effort to throw new names out there, I’m tossing out Wallace.

    5th Round - Pick 16: Joshua Kelly, RB, UCLA

    With Procise (finally) off this roster, Seattle needs to get a new receiving back on this roster and I think Kelly is one of the better ones in this class. He’s a solid route runner with great hands and moves well in the open field. I’m not sure that you’re getting a player with break away speed, but if Seattle runs more hurry up in 2020 and levarges tempo to their advantage, then I think having access to a skillset like Kelly’s is a necessity. Plus, you can never go wrong drafting a RB given our post-Marshawn injury luck.

    6th Round - Pick 43: Chris Williamson, CB, Minnesota

    Chris Williamson is a guy I just really stumbled on recently, but he’s another CB that can play inside and I think offers more competition at CB on a roster that is top heavy.

    He’s built a little weird with a thick frame on the bottom and a lean-ish frame on top, but he moves really well and plays with some physicality. I think he offers an interesting project that could give you a starting Nickel CB in Year 2.


    1) Gives you 3 young pass rushers with NFL experience.
    2) Gives you an offense with 5 legitimate receiving weapons that you have to respect.
    3) Gives Seattle an upgrade over Ifedi and Procise.
    4) Leverages the strength of your most valuable player: Russell Wilson


    1) It won’t happen because these pass rushers are going to be more expensive than projected.
    2) Thin depth at Secondary.
    3) Still doesn’t add a true LEO Speed Rusher.
    4) It won’t happen because it asks Carroll to build a team to play with a lead.
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Re: Mock Draft: Seattle Seahawks
Tue Feb 18, 2020 8:15 pm
  • Nice work putting together an impressive post.
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Re: Mock Draft: Seattle Seahawks
Tue Feb 18, 2020 8:45 pm
  • Good fun! I found myself thinking "I doubt he falls that far..." Then remembered, this is for fun. And really, player evaluations are going to swing wildly between now and draft day one.

    Nobody can say with any accuracy whether player A will be available at pick B.

    So yes, good stuff :)
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Re: Mock Draft: Seattle Seahawks
Wed Feb 19, 2020 8:01 am
  • I really don't see them using the first pick at WR, but hey, that's my take. I still think they get Diggs from Minny.
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Re: Mock Draft: Seattle Seahawks
Wed Feb 19, 2020 8:20 am
  • Damn good post, love the breakdowns. I'm hoping they go O Line or D line for pick 1. But as always, I'm assuming they'll trade down and get an extra 37 picks :lol:
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Re: Mock Draft: Seattle Seahawks
Wed Feb 19, 2020 3:55 pm
  • SoulfishHawk wrote:Damn good post, love the breakdowns. I'm hoping they go O Line or D line for pick 1. But as always, I'm assuming they'll trade down and get an extra 37 picks :lol:

    You're probably right! I guess the theory is a herd of feeder steers is better than a few prime bulls on the front line.
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