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Discuss your thoughts about anything College Football or NFL draft. Recruiting, Projections, and Mock drafts, Etc. LANGUAGE: PG-13
  • SCHOOLED WITH THE PROFESSOR -- Draft EXTRA: NFL Network Producer Charlie Yook

    Charlie Yook joins us to discuss the most unique aspects of this year's virtual draft. Charlie has overseen the draft programming on the NFL Network for several seasons, and this year has been instrumental in producing the multi-network NFL Draft Broadcast that will air on NFL Network, ESPN, and ABC this Thursday at 5:00 PM. He joins the Professor to chat about the specific challenges that this year's draft process will present to teams, networks, and the NFL. ... +Professor

    SCHOOLED WITH THE PROFESSOR -- Results and Surprises of the NFL Draft with Jason Cole

    Jason Cole, currently with Florida Football Insiders sits down to discuss the results of the 2020 NFL draft that took place virtually on April 23-25th. We talk about different surprising picks, how Aaron Rodgers is going to handle his replacement being drafted by the Packers, and much more! ... +Professor

    SCHOOLED WITH THE PROFESSOR -- Diving Inside a Virtual Draft Room with Greg Bishop

    We talked with Greg Bishop about his experience inside the draft room of the Los Angeles Rams, and insight on the Minnesota Vikings. The 2020 Virtual draft was unprecedented, and Greg got an inside look at what actually went on during the preparation for such a unique event ... +Professor
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